Dubai Silicon Oasis gets security drone patrols

Dubai Silicon Oasis launches smart security surveillance program

Security threats

Cybercrime gang targeting MENA government organisations

Gang attempts to compromise government systems by sending malware to IT and IR staff

Cloud computing

Digital transformation placing stress on IT pros: report

Study published by CompTIA says internal IT teams struggling with next-gen systems

Cloud computing

ACN Investigates: Last chance to register for next event

Highly anticipated second conference in ACN Investigates series to tackle the future of cloud computing

Security software

Former AVG investors set up $125m fund to tap cyber-sec boom

Equity firm targets growing companies as projected industry growth tops 8%

Security threats

Exploit trader offers $1m bounty for iOS zero-day

Zerodium wants remote-access crack for Apple devices to push jailbreak services to iPhones, iPads

Security threats

China and US to discuss cyberwarfare treaty

Countries reported to be in discussions over ban on 'first use' cyberattacks on national infrastructure

Security threats

RSA to hold cyber-sec summit in Abu Dhabi

First Middle East edition comes to UAE

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