Law and regulation

Three detained in connection with WireLurker

First arrests in Beijing, over notorious Apple-hungry malware campaign

Security software

Help AG offers protection from website defacement

Middle East solutions provider claims defacement mitigation in under 30 seconds

Law and regulation

Symantec urges regional policy makers to unite on cyber security

ICT security firm calls for action on regulatory, infrastructure challenges to support smart cities

Security threats

US govt issues advice on iOS Masque vulnerability

Cyber-sec departments post alert, protection instructions, following WireLurker discovery

Cloud computing

Wacom launches cloud services

Two new services will allow Wacom users to store work, device settings in the cloud

Security threats

Microsoft patches 20-year-old Windows security flaw

OLE-based vuln thought to be present in all versions of OS since 1995

Security threats

Man embeds computer chips in hands to store Bitcoin

Martijn Wismeijer also created a personalised alarm clock using implanted computer chips

Law and regulation

Trend Micro to collaborate with Interpol

Security software company to support international police co-op in battle against cyber criminals

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