IT Business


Law and regulation

WikiLeaks lawyers scold Google over data disclosure

Information-freedom group asks why it took almost two years for search giant to come clean


Drones could be used on Mars, says NASA

Mars helicopter drones could be used to help discover best points of interest on the planet


Samsung to make majority of chips for iPhone 7

Apple strikes deal with main rival over processor production

Mergers and acquisitions

Oracle CEO slams SAP over acquisitions, cloud

Mark Hurd derides SAP’s Concur acquisition, hits out at German vendor’s cloud offerings

Financial news

SAP sees strong cloud growth for FY 2014

Vendor reports 45% jump in cloud subscriptions in annual earnings report

Financial news

eBay to cut 2,400 jobs this quarter

Job cuts will be across the marketplace, payments and enterprise divisions

Financial news

Apple gains record market share on Samsung's turf

Samsung's share of the South Korean market has slipped by 14 points while Apple's is up by 18

Market research

MEA smartphone market 'booming'

Shipments of 4G LTE devices grow 400% in GCC, says IDC

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