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LG takes aim at premium TV market with new 4K OLED TV

New TVs delivers infinite contrast ratio as well as wider viewing angles thanks to self-lighting pixels

Mobile handsets

Android 6.0 dubbed 'Marshmallow'

Google continues tradition of naming its mobile OS versions after sweets


Apple confirmed to be working on self-driving car

Correspondence with test site seen by the Guardian confirms Apple's car project is on track


IoT security and privacy must be built in, says OTA

Online Trust Alliance reveals draft of Internet of Things Trust Framework

Mobile handsets

OnePlus One launches on

‘Flagship killer’ in the Middle East, with no invitation needed, at leading e-tailer

Mobile handsets

Apple devices targeted by sophisticated hack

FireEye unmasks advanced attack targeting iOS mobile devices

Mobile handsets

Dell unveils Latitude 12 Rugged Tablet

Device marks vendor's first foray into market of ruggedised tablets

Mobile handsets

Samsung unveils new Galaxy Tab S2

Sleek flagship device caters to media consumption, productivity

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