Investors urge Apple to tackle smartphone addiction

Excessive phone usage, in particular on social media sites, has been linked to depression

Mobile handsets

What to expect from CES 2018

The Consumer Electronics Show begins this week in Las Vegas

Games and consoles

Computer game addiction is real, says WHO

World Health Organisation to officially recognise 'gaming disorder'

Mobile handsets

10 smartphones rumoured to launch in 2018

Already the smartphone race is on for 2018

Mobile handsets’s tech 2017 round-up: September

Apple unveils three iPhones, Huawei shows its not scared and transport in the UAE turns futuristic

Mobile handsets's tech 2017 round-up: March

E-commerce deals, Samsung marked its return, Dubai embraces AI and creepy apps launched

Mobile handsets

Adidas to exit the wearables fitness industry

The sporting brand will focus on software capabilities instead

Mobile handsets

Samsung may unveil Galaxy S9 in February 2018

People close to the matter revealed to Bloomberg what the Galaxy S9 may feature

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