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IT Business

RiseUp Summit entrepreneur event returns to Cairo

Entrepreneur event to host multiple tracks and guest speakers for start ups


Dubai Smart Gov launches ‘smart employee’ app

More apps will be launched by the government at GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK

PC hardware

Belkin announces new Thunderbolt 2 Express Dock HD

New solution can connect 8 separate devices through a single Thunderbolt cable


Accenture and Alcatel-Lucent to partner on ultra-broadband

Partnership to develop and deliver ultra-broadband solutions for enterprise and communication service providers

Business applications

Infor launches Infor Xi business suite

Software house delivers ‘mobile-first, cloud-enhanced’ platform, with ‘advanced science’ for big data


Typing apps launch to combat auto-correct errors

Minuum, Swype and Swiftkey replace the iOS and Android keyboards

IT Business

EBay to spin off PayPal next year

Leadership finally agrees with Icahn, following review of online payments market


AMD, Synopsys expand IP alliance

Deal sees Synopsys acquire rights to AMD’s interface and foundation IP

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Latest Reader Comments

'Secret' Apple office open in Dubai, says report

Posted: Sep 14 | Sergey Didenko

ACN SALARY SURVEY: Gulf tech staff earn average of $81,000 pa

ew company supposedly multinational but with 99% lineage of certain asian country i've come down to almost half of the previous salary. Many are facing the same, higher paid jobs are becoming more and more redundant. I believe avg would be 10k.

Posted: Sep 14 | sak

Du completes lab testing of 1Gbps network speeds

ther developed nations. Average cost of 10 Mbps is around AED 60, where as it's almost AED 300 here. In fact, Internet and Telephone costs are one of the highest in the world here. It will be a big achievement if the costs are brought to at least developing country level.

Posted: Sep 08 | Rafi