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Trend Micro Security now fully Windows 10-compatible

New solution offers a set of additional features to its existing protection that are relevant to today’s threats


Ministry of Economy updates trade stats app

Trade statistics application updated with new figures to end of 2014


Major Android vuln leaves users wide open to attack

Exploit in Google Hangouts allows attackers to take over devices - just by sending a text


‘No impact’ from software flaw for Middle East Chrysler drivers

Region’s vehicles not using wireless network that caused 1.4m-unit recall in US, car-maker tells

Business applications

Hawking, Musk, Wozniak warn against weaponised AI

Open letter signed by over 1,000 researchers calls for ban on autonomous weapons

IT Business

Half of IT execs expect loss of life in future cyber-attacks: survey

ICT professionals worry critical infrastructure strike could cause human fatalities within three years


New Samsung monitor eliminates charging cables

Samsung unveils world’s first wireless mobile charging monitor


Struggling Sony targets premium segment with pricey smartphones: report

Japanese vendor could be preparing three high-end handsets for imminent release

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Edward Snowden is a hero, says Steve Wozniak

, iMessage is more secure than Google Hangouts (which, as it turns out, isn't secure at all), but...

Posted: May 20 | Jeff Mandate