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Data centres

Book your seat for the Network ME Innovation Awards

Network ME Awards celebrate the achievements of networking professionals, service providers and vendors in the last year.


Gulf Air secures network with HP TippingPoint IPS

TippingPoint intrusion protection system deployed for Gulf Air

IT Business

YouTube Kids slammed again for improper content

Child-protection groups lobby FTC for action as lewd videos found on app targeted at five-year-olds


US lawmaker makes 10-hour speech opposing renewal of bulk data-collection

Presidential hopeful Rand Paul receives support from both sides of political divide


Deadline for .GOV Awards extended

Nominations for .GOV Awards extended to 25th May

IT Business

F5's outgoing CEO offers final vote of confidence for successor

Industry stalwart John McAdam makes impromptu appearance at F5 customer conference


Huawei builds OS for Internet of Things

LiteOS, unveiled in Beijing, designed to ‘standardise infrastructure’


Edward Snowden is a hero, says Steve Wozniak INTERVIEW: Apple co-founder expresses support for NSA whistleblower

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Edward Snowden is a hero, says Steve Wozniak

, iMessage is more secure than Google Hangouts (which, as it turns out, isn't secure at all), but...

Posted: May 20 | Jeff Mandate

Microsoft’s app-tweaking ploy stalls, with lack of interest from developers

ple by making its new version of Windows accept tweaked Apple and Android apps. But Apple’s...

Posted: May 20 | BEN