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Agenda and Programme

Day One – Sunday 22nd January, 2006
9:00 Registration and welcome refreshments

Opening address from the Chairman – Gulf Capital Market Integration
•  Review of the gulf markets and their positions versus International markets
•  Highlight the rational behind the integration movement
    - Day One: Regulatory & Trading Integration
    - Day Two: Clearing & Settlement & Technology Integration

John Gilchrist
Managing Director

 Market Regulatory Integration

Keynote presentation – Harmonisation of the market regulation within in the region
•  The harmonisation of the market regulation
    - Market structure regulation
    - Listing and information regulation
    - Trading and CSD rules
•  Market surveillance
    - Harmonise regulation and rules of market surveillance to be applied upon
       financial institutions and cross-borders transactions
    - The “responsibility” issue between home and host countries for
      international operations
•  The liberalisation and harmonisation of treatment of the foreign direct
    investment and foreign portfolio investment
•  The principles of harmonisation of market structure regulations and mutual
•  Home country control versus the federated supremacy and the disputes

Bill Gambrill
Legal Advisor
Galadari & Associates


Dr. Ashraf Mahate
Assistant Dean and Associate Professor in Economics and Finance
University of Wollongong


Case Study: Implications Of Regulatory Changes On Market Structure And Market Integration In Europe And The US
•  MiFID – Markets in Financial Instruments Directive
•  Market transparency
•  Best execution
•  Impact on competition between execution venues
•  RegNMS
•  Trade through rule

Prof. Dr. Peter Gomber
Chair of Business Administration, E-Finance
University of Frankfurt

11:30 Morning refreshments/ networking break

Shifting Dynamics In The Equity Capital Markets

Tasneem Mayet
Head of Equity Origination & Distribution,
Mashreqbank psc.


Panel Session : Discussion on the harmonization of Gulf Markets' regulations

Objective: To develop a realistic road map and/or an action plan to fill the gaps between the regulations in different countries of the gulf towards achieving a successful Regulatory integration

    - Representatives form market authorities and regulatory bodies in the
      regional markets
    - Representatives from Market intermediaries
    - Market Regulation expert & best practices

Bill Gambrill,
Legal Advisor,
Galadari & Associates

Dr. Ashraf Mahate,
Assistant Dean and Associate Professor in Economics and Finance
University of Wollongong

13:00 Lunch
Trading and Market Development

Keynote address: The impact of market integration on the trading activity and market participants

•  Impact on the trading functions
•  Impact on the intermediaries
•  Competitiveness
•  Revenue streams
•  Liquidity issues: big versus small markets
•  Impact on investors
•  Educating the public about its rights and options
•  Protection of investors: Accessibility of information

Tamer Bazzari
Partner, Head of Investment Banking
Rasmala Investments

15:30 Case Study: NOREX Alliance
•  The rationale behind NOREX Alliance
•  Integration of exchanges and clearing and settlement organisations
•  Challenges faced and lessons learned
•  Is the NOREX model applicable to the Gulf?

Anders Reveman
Adivsor to the CEO
OMX Technology & NOREX

16:15 Afternoon Tea

Panel Sessions: Discussion of the integration of the Trading function in the Gulf region
Objective: Converge the concerns about the Trading activity and related issues from different countries cross the region

Anders Reveman,
Advisor to the CEO,
OMX Technology & NOREX

Peter Gomber,
Chair of Business Administration, E-Finance,
University of Frankfurt

Tamer Bazzari,
Head of Investment Banking,
Rasmala Investments

17:30 Closing remarks by Chair Day One

Day Two - Monday 23rd January, 2006

Opening address from the Chairman – Gulf Capital Market Integration
· Brief Review of the previous day:
  - Markets Integration & Regulation
  - Markets Integration & Trading·
· Announce the program for the day

John Gilchrist
Managing Director

Clearing, Settlement and Depositary Integration and the Common Monetary Policy

Keynote address – Clearing settlement models. Which model will work best in the Gulf
•  A viable CSDR model for the Gulf:
   - Review of selected models around the globe
   - Separated versus integrated settlement, depositary and clearing functions
   - Cost effectiveness and efficiency (infrastructure redundancies)

•  Central depositories/clearing houses/registries: Moving from a domestic
    model to a cross borders model:
   - Cross borders transactions
   - Registry activity: home versus host countries
   - Management of corporate actions

•  State involvement in the CSD and registry activity: The balance between the
   protection and control concerns versus the autonomy and privacy principles

•  Standardisation of procedures, treatment and communication means
    format of financial and information

•  Technology and CSDR integration.

John Gilchrist
Managing Director


Case Study: Market Integration in Europe
•  Integration and cooperation of Exchanges
•  Integration of Cl & S organisations
•  Challenges and chances
•  Possibilities in the Gulf region

Gregor Pozniak
Senior Advisor Regulatory Policy
International Capital Market Association (ICMA)

11:30 Morning refreshments and networking break

Panel Session: Discussion on CSDR integration in the Gulf

Objective : Come up with a road map and/or an actions plan to facilitate the CSDR harmonization and prepare for a successful Markets integration.

Peter Davey,
Director – Clearing & Settlement,
Dubai Financial Services Authority

Stuart Turner,
Head of Market Operations,

Anders Reveman,
Advisor to the CEO,
NOREX & OMX Technology

13:00 Lunch
Technology Integration

Keynote Address – Brokers – The Key To Market Integrity In The Global Market?

•  Market surveillance
•  Market integrity

Professor Michael J. Aitken
Capital Market Cooperative Research Centre


Panel Session – Technology transformation, how can regional markets use technology to facilitate the integration process

Professor Michael J. Aitken, CEO, Capital Market Cooperative Research Centre

Charles Le Grand, Regional Director, Swift

Abdullah Al Salmi , Executive Vice President , Capital Market Authority, Oman

Kavit Palicha, Head of IT, Rasmala Investments


•  Conference Wrap-up discussion on Panel Session Findings
•  Closing Remarks of the Day Tow & of the Conference

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