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CommsMEA Awards 2013

The 8th edition of the annual CommsMEA awards, which will take place on Wednesday 4th December, 2013 will acknowledge operators and individuals who have taken a leadership role in the region’s fast growing and rapidly changing telecoms sector.

The awards will also honour companies that have invested in technology, implemented winning strategies and developed services to capture the hearts and minds of end-users.

Most of all, the awards aim to recognise those organisations that have helped turn the communications sector in the Middle East and Africa into one of the most dynamic and vibrant in the world.

This year’s 15 awards are divided into four main categories with the first section recognising innovative services and applications; the second focusing on specific aspects of operators’ businesses, and the third looking at progress achieved by operators in their entirety. The last category aims to recognise operators and individuals that have demonstrated a level of commitment to the sector beyond the call of duty.