Entry Guidelines

Why Enter:
Awards offer you an excellent opportunity to:

  • benchmark your success
  • stand out from your competitors as an award winner
  • boost employee morale
  • boost client confidence in your products and/or services
  • celebrate your potential win with industry peers

How to Enter:

  • read and understand the award categories
  • Complete the brief registration form and take note of your user name and password
  • click on “Submit Nominations”
  • follow the on-screen instructions and register for a user name and password
  • click on ‘Select Categories’ and pick your chosen category
  • enter nomination details, such as name of company or person you are nominating
  • in your submission be sure to include details, in 500 words or less, showing why your entry deserves to win over others
  •  Supporting document must be uploaded and not emailed as it will not be sent with your nomination without being uploaded with the nomination.
  • click on ‘Submit’ button to complete the process

Why Attend:
The awards ceremony is a wonderful opportunity for the industry to gather in one place to celebrate the success of peers. By attending the ceremony you can:

  • network with industry champions
  • meet new clients and/or business partners in a relaxed and informal atmosphere
  • boost employee morale by celebrating and rewarding your team
  • build relationships with existing clients
  • entertain clients and thank them for the business and support they have provided you all year long
  • boost your visibility in the industry by being seen at the biggest event in the industry calendar
  • congratulate the winning companies and discover why they won


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