Critical point for smart city security

Smart city projects are becoming reality, but are they moving faster than security can keep up?

Tags: Smart cities
Mark Sutton

Posted by: Mark Sutton

January 6, 2016

Smart Government supporting nationalisation

Saudi is using technology solutions to drive Saudisation targets

Tags: .GOV AwardsITP Publishing GroupNationalisationSaudi Arabia
Mark Sutton

Posted by: Mark Sutton

November 16, 2015

GOTS for the Gulf

Shared open source resources could be a cost-effective way for GCC government to access new technology and applications

Tags: Open source
Mark Sutton

Posted by: Mark Sutton

September 16, 2015

Like the iPhone killed off BlackBerry, the iPad Pro could end Wacom

The Japanese firm might own 80% of the professional tablet market now, but things could look very different next year

Tags: Apple IncorporatedTablet PCWacom Company
Tom Paye

Posted by: Tom Paye

September 10, 2015

The round-faced smartwatch won't kick-start the industry

The new generation of round-faced Android Wear devices won't even the playing field with the Apple Watch

Tags: Apple IncorporatedAsus ( IncorporatedHuawei Technologies CompanyLG ElectronicsMotorola IncorporationSamsung Corporation
Tom Paye

Posted by: Tom Paye

September 3, 2015

All the S Pen outrage illustrates is the sorry state of tech coverage

Like the iPhone 6 Plus's BendGate, the Samsung S Pen controversy is manufactured by petty outlets chasing clicks

Tags: Apple IncorporatedSamsung Corporation
Tom Paye

Posted by: Tom Paye

August 26, 2015

The Apple Watch, two months in

A follow-up to my initial review - is this device just an indulgence in the Middle East?

Tags: Apple IncorporatedUnited Arab Emirates
Tom Paye

Posted by: Tom Paye

August 18, 2015

In Saudi Arabia, Uber appears to be a force for good

No other organisation - public or private - has done more to address women's mobility in the Kingdom

Tags: Saudi ArabiaUber (
Tom Paye

Posted by: Tom Paye

August 11, 2015

Working in STC

Creating Organisation charisma.

Nasser A. Al-Darsouni

Posted by: Nasser A. Al-Darsouni

April 7, 2014

I ♥ Tam

HP's Vivienne Tam 'digital clutch' costs AED 2,199 and is available at the usual retailers

Tags: Digital clutchHewlett-Packard CompanyUnited Arab EmiratesVivienne Tam
Vineetha Menon

Posted by: Vineetha Menon

June 21, 2010


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