Intel investment inspires

Intel's investment in three UAE companies provides some welcome good news for the tech sector in the region, and should finally put to rest the idea that the region either doesn't produce, or doesn't provide a fertile environment, for tech entrepreneurs

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Mark Sutton

Posted by: Mark Sutton

February 22, 2009

Cybercriminals feel the pinch

A new report from Javelin Strategy & Research shows that in these tough times, even the cyber criminals are hurting

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Mark Sutton

Posted by: Mark Sutton

February 12, 2009

Dancing with the Woz

I really didn't believe this story at all to begin with, but it seems that Steve Wozniak, geek godfather, creator of the Apple I and II and renowned Segway fanatic, is going to appear as a contestant on US reality show Dancing with the Stars

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Mark Sutton

Posted by: Mark Sutton

February 9, 2009

IBM Project Match

It seems that IBM is looking to move redundant staff into emerging markets, including the UAE, through a program called Project Match

Tags: International Business Machines CorporationRestructuring
Mark Sutton

Posted by: Mark Sutton

February 8, 2009

Sharing best practice 101

Here's one from the the vaults - its Charles Wang, then CEO of Computer Associates, and Satyam's former chairman B Ramalinga Raju in happier times at the signing of an agreement between the two companies back in 2000

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Mark Sutton

Posted by: Mark Sutton

February 7, 2009

The iPhone has landed

Apple have finally done a deal with operator Etisalat, to bring its iPhone to the UAE and Saudi - but the big question is - does anyone care any more?

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Mark Sutton

Posted by: Mark Sutton

February 3, 2009

WiMAX wobbles but will it fall down?

Nortel has announced its intention to get out of the mobile WiMAX business, and concentrate instead on other LTE technologies. The news shouldn't have too much impact on the Middle East, where Nortel's WiMAX activities were minimal, but it does look like another wobble in the WiMAX story

Tags: CommunicationsLTENortel Networks CorporationWiMAX
Mark Sutton

Posted by: Mark Sutton

February 1, 2009

Dell vs Putin

He's an ex-KGB officer, judo champion and some time tiger hunter, and now he's given Michael Dell a slap down at the Davos Forum

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Mark Sutton

Posted by: Mark Sutton

January 31, 2009

Education, Linux and the BRIC

Some interesting news this week from Russia, where a Linux pilot may see all Russian schools switching over to the open source by the end of the year

Tags: LinuxOpen source
Mark Sutton

Posted by: Mark Sutton

January 29, 2009

Services opportunities

Some possible good news from Satyam over the weekend, as the company's board announced that it is very close to securing funding to see it through to the end of March

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Mark Sutton

Posted by: Mark Sutton

January 26, 2009


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