Removing the human element

Reflecting on the potential impact of robotics on the Quick Service Restaurants market.

Tags: AutomationITP Publishing GroupRobotsUnited Arab Emirates
Alexander Sophoclis Pieri

Posted by: Alexander Sophoclis Pieri

March 22, 2017

Microsoft cloud goes dark

If you are going to force customers to use the cloud, you better make sure it works - all the time

Tags: Cloud computingMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft OfficeXbox One
Mark Sutton

Posted by: Mark Sutton

March 22, 2017

Blend in OR stand out?

Unique brand positioning is something operators in the region need to imbibe in their operations

Tags: Virgin Group
Soumya Smita Prajna

Posted by: Soumya Smita Prajna

March 12, 2017

A long way from paperless

Smart government should be paperless, so why do we still need so many ID copies?

Tags: Emirates Identity AuthorityUnited Arab Emirates
Mark Sutton

Posted by: Mark Sutton

August 30, 2016

No, Apple is not about to make every set of earphones on Earth useless

Any move to ditch the iPhone's headphone jack can be chalked up to 'no big deal'

Tags: Apple Incorporated
Tom Paye

Posted by: Tom Paye

January 6, 2016

Critical point for smart city security

Smart city projects are becoming reality, but are they moving faster than security can keep up?

Tags: Smart cities
Mark Sutton

Posted by: Mark Sutton

January 6, 2016

Smart Government supporting nationalisation

Saudi is using technology solutions to drive Saudisation targets

Tags: .GOV AwardsITP Publishing GroupNationalisationSaudi Arabia
Mark Sutton

Posted by: Mark Sutton

November 16, 2015

GOTS for the Gulf

Shared open source resources could be a cost-effective way for GCC government to access new technology and applications

Tags: Open source
Mark Sutton

Posted by: Mark Sutton

September 16, 2015

Like the iPhone killed off BlackBerry, the iPad Pro could end Wacom

The Japanese firm might own 80% of the professional tablet market now, but things could look very different next year

Tags: Apple IncorporatedTablet PCWacom Company
Tom Paye

Posted by: Tom Paye

September 10, 2015

The round-faced smartwatch won't kick-start the industry

The new generation of round-faced Android Wear devices won't even the playing field with the Apple Watch

Tags: Apple IncorporatedAsus ( IncorporatedHuawei Technologies CompanyLG ElectronicsMotorola IncorporationSamsung Corporation
Tom Paye

Posted by: Tom Paye

September 3, 2015


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