Five tech trends to shape the next five years

Herman Morgan of Tatvasoft highlights five technology trends that have the potential for disruption

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Five tech trends to shape the next five years Five technology trends could shape the business landscape for the next five years.
By  Herman Morgan Published  December 12, 2018

Speaking of trends, I am sure you will find new trends and buzzwords rise and fall through your newsfeed every other week. Augmented Reality, artificial intelligence, big data are some of the most emerging technologies changing the way we work and interact with others all across the globe. As a result, several industries right from banking to healthcare are found adopting such revolutionizing innovations.

Gartner has come up with a list of top ten strategic technology trends worth taking into account. Further, I would like you to mull over different technology trends that will have significant disruptive potential over the next five years.

#1 The Dawn of Autonomous things - Robots, drones, and autonomous vehicles - basically everything that goes beyond the conventional automation of rigid programming models - and which happen to exploit AI especially when it comes to delivering advanced behaviours that interact more naturally with their surroundings and with people.

Of course, artificial intelligence has been a consistent trend but with the advancement in technology, Gartner foresees a shift from standalone intelligent things to a collaborative swarm network of intelligent things.

#2 Augmented Analytics - With augmented analytics, Machine Learning (ML) algorithms and Natural Language Processing (NLP), one can analyze "data in context." I am sure you will come across several investigations that are complex as well as time-consuming to solve on the manual basis. Augmented analytics cleanses and prepares the data on the automatic basis as well as deciphers the hidden patterns in data and builds models using them. Due to which new data sets can be explored, leads can be identified, customer churn can be predicted, results can be analyzed, insurance frauds can be identified, and much more can be done with augmented analytics.

#3 AI-enhanced development - Artificial Intelligence seems to be transforming all business sectors and software development seems to be no exception. In fact, it may quite interest you to know that one of the most profound impacts of AI on computer programming is the unraveling of how humans perceive, define, and execute software development. According to Gartner, by 2022, 40% of new app development projects will include AI co-developers within their teams.

#4 Digital Twin Applications - Right from manufacturing to energy, transportation, and construction these applications act like a physical object or system. Several large complex items such as aircraft engines, trains, offshore platforms, and turbines can be designed and tested digitally right before being produced physically. You can definitely think of a digital twin as a bridge between the physical and digital world. First, the smart components featuring sensors to gather data about real-time status, working condition, or position are integrated with a physical item. The components which are connected to a cloud-based system that receives and processes all the data the sensors monitor. After this, the input is further analyzed not only against business but other contextual data as well.

#5 Blockchain & Big Data - Being one of the most undeniably ingenious inventions, blockchain and big data has evolved into something greater. It may quite interest you to know that using blockchain adds another data layer to the big data analytics procedure. And do you know what the best part is? It is secure and valuable, this means it is structured, abundant and complete. Without a shadow of a doubt, one can say that blockchain and Big Data can be considered as a match made in heaven. However, many CIOs are just now beginning to explore blockchain and evaluate its potential, early adopters such as Walmart and Maersk are already expanding their pilot programs.  

So that's all for now! Keep watching the space to know more regarding the same.

Herman Morgan works as a Business Analyst at, a Custom Software and web development company in Melbourne. He has three years of experience as a Business Analyst in the technology field.

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