Day in the Life: Radwan Moussalli

Channel Middle East finds out from a market personality about their role, their routine and what inspires them to come into work each day

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Day in the Life: Radwan Moussalli
By  Manda Banda Published  July 25, 2018

Name: Radwan Moussalli
Company: Tata Communications
Job title: Senior Vice President, Middle East, Central Asia and Africa, Tata Communications
Years in the role: 22
Years at the company: 22

07:00 - Unless I am travelling for business, I am usually up at 7am. Business travel is a whole different ballgame, with jetlag, changes in time zones, etc. But when I am not travelling, I get in at least one hour of cardio on the cycle or treadmill.

09:00 - I am usually at work by 09:00 hours. The first thing I do when I get to work is go over the entire schedule for the day with my assistant.

10:00 - There is always a set agenda in my calendar for internal communications, scheduled calls for reviews and updates from different teams, managers, and peers.

11:00 - Some days might demand a change in schedule, if there are urgent and unplanned pressing tasks that need to be dealt with, especially if it is an urgent customer service related matter that needs my direct attention and involvement. That takes priority over the other tasks.

12:00 - The best part of my job is seeing my team succeeding and celebrating their wins, no matter how small the win is. But to succeed in this job you need conscientious learning, creativity, innovation and the ability to think out of the box to address challenges and of course, teamwork.

13:00 - Balance is not easy to achieve and I think at times I struggle with that just as much as the next person. It’s even harder when you spend most of your time on business travels. I find sticking to a schedule is the surest shot of achieving balance.

14:00 - We all have pre-set key responsibility areas (KRAs) at a personal, regional and corporate level, and I am no different. Apart from achieving business goals, one of my KRAs just happens to be employee satisfaction (E-SAT). Making the workplace better is something that is very close to my heart.

14:00 - I usually have another look at my day’s to-do list after lunch at around 2pm, and then organise my afternoon and then focus on the priority actions. If I just start catching up on emails it can quickly become a black hole with no exit.

15:00 - We use tools like Office 365, so you are always reminded to and forced back on track. Of course, emergency situations throw all schedules out of the window, so those days can be challenging.

18:00 - I work for 12 hours on average. I definitely do try my best to switch off by 11pm, but when you work for a global company across different time zones, you are never truly switched off.

20:00 If there was one thing I would consider mandatory in my life, that would have to be an exercise routine. Getting in at least an hour of exercise every day is extremely important and a must for me. Eating healthy is also a key part of my lifestyle.

21:00 - Unwinding for me is spending time with family and friends, even if it is just watching our favourite TV shows together. I also read all the interesting and tagged newspaper articles that I collect over the week, which gives me a roundup of news.

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