LG: Smart home devices will balance the battle of the sexes

Connected appliances and AI will ensure the whole family shares in the housework, LG claims

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LG: Smart home devices will balance the battle of the sexes No excuses: LG smart home appliances and apps will help all members of the family to manage household chores.
By  Mark Sutton Published  June 28, 2018

LG is claiming that smart homes and connected devices will help even up the gender imbalance in household chores.

The company says that smart connected devices and its SmartThinQ connected platform ensure that all the family can join in with the housework.

Figures from the US suggest that on an average day, 19% of men did housework-such as cleaning or doing laundry-compared with 49% of women. OECD statistics show that even in the most equal countries, such as Denmark, men spent an average of three hours a day doing chores compared to four hours for women, while at the other end of the scale, women in India could expect to spend almost six hours a day on chores, compared to just 51 minutes for men.

Now LG says that its smart platforms can ‘democratise' household tasks by sharing them among family members and setting reminders to make sure that tasks actually get done.

"Remotely controllable devices spread the workload and create a sense of shared responsibility among family members, leading to husbands and kids being just as involved in household chores as the moms. So, if mom forgot to turn the washing machine on, dad can always pick up the slack. And kids can help with the groceries by ordering via the Amazon Echo or the Google Assistant, both of which are compatible with LG's SmartThinQ-enabled appliances," the company said in a press release.

LG's SmartThinQ technology allows users to control appliances at home via a smartphone or tablet. The DeepThinQ AI algorithms mean that smart appliances learn usage patterns and can even notify users when a particular action needs to be taken. So, if someone left the dirty laundry without turning the machine on at a routinely used time or day, SmartThinQ will notify the user, who can then carry out the necessary action via their smartphone or tablet. SmartThinQ is also intuitive and user-friendly, meaning you spend less time on your phone and more time with your family.

"LG has been one of the pioneers with connected appliances, and with SmartThinQ and DeepThinQ, we are pushing the boundaries of what smart devices at home are capable of. We are leading the way with our green, convenient and innovative appliances that feature advanced time-saving, reliable and consumer-centric technologies in unmatched designs that boast sustainability. As technology improves, we will continue to offer a range of trustworthy and responsible products that enable families to have more quality time together, even while taking care of household chores," said Mr Kevin Cha, President LG Electronics Middle East & Africa.

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