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Infoblox expertise is in protecting DNS, a foundational Internet technology that regional organisations are starting to pay greater attention to

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Defending the domain Ashraf Sheet, regional director, Middle East & Africa at Infoblox
By  David Ndichu Published  July 24, 2017

Discuss key milestones in Infoblox’s product roadmap

Infoblox’s first product was designed, built and delivered as early as fall 1999.  Also code-named “Tangerine,” the original DNSone appliance prototype was the world’s first dedicated DNS/DHCP appliance.  The “Black Box”, the follow on product to the prototype DNSone was released in September 2001.

In May of 2005, Infoblox unveiled a nonstop DNS and DHCP appliance solution with a new hardware platform and v3 of Infoblox’s NIOS software, as well as its proprietary Grid technology.

In July 2008, a computer scientist by the name of Kaminsky had discovered a fundamental flaw in the DNS protocol. It was named the “Kaminsky Vulnerability”. The flaw allowed attackers to easily perform cache poisoning attacks on most Domain Name Servers. In response, Infoblox built the first DDI appliance to repair the Kaminsky Vulnerability in enterprise networks.

What is Infoblox’s core competence?

Infoblox delivers critical network services that protect Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure, automate cloud deployments, and increase the reliability of enterprise and service provider networks around the world. Our solutions automate network-control functions to reduce costs and maximize uptime, and they protect against the rising flood of malware and distributed-denial-of-service DDoS attacks. Our patented Infoblox Grid delivers high availability and provides an authoritative network database for real-time and historical reporting. And our purpose-built DNS security solutions defend against a wider range of threats than any other product available.

What are some of the trends impacting DNS security?

Domain Name System (DNS) Security is an area that we believe regional organisations will start paying greater attention to as they begin to understand the damaging consequences of inadequate security measures. DNS is a foundational Internet technology used in every non-trivial IP-based transaction. If it’s not working properly, Internet transactions can grind to a halt leading to disastrous results including lost revenue due to downtime, diminished customer satisfaction and lost productivity. With our capabilities in providing holistic end-to-end DNS security and defence against the widest range of DNS-based attacks such as volumetric, exploits, and DNS hijacking attacks, this is a big area of opportunity for Infoblox.

The internet of things (IoT) trend is a lot more centres and end-points connected to the world of the internet where machine to machine and human to machine interactions will increase. All this is a huge change from the earlier world where the perimeter of the organisation was defined and the IT department knew exactly how many PCs were connected to the network. Today, there are a lot more IT entities, some of them which you can’t even see (virtual machine) and the key is to understand how to actually manage all this infrastructure and endpoints. So IP address management (IPAM) solutions will be increasingly deployed in future. IPAM tools will give organisations the ability to discover all the infrastructure/ endpoints, visualize them and put policies on who and which devices can enter the network and what they can do.

The other thing is that DNS and DHCP services have been taken for granted in the past. Today it is not advisable to run them on routers and general purpose hardware, not only because they are coming under attack, but because they need to be able to scale. They need to be enterprise grade – secure, reliable services that the organisation can depend on, because without them the enterprise will not be able to compute. DNS, DHCP and IPAM automation solutions will be big on the horizon and obviously these are technology areas where Infoblox leads the market.

Discuss the latest solutions from your company and the impact you see in the market

The industry is witnessing a paradigm shift. There is huge increase in digitisation of processes and digital channels which makes IT drive business value, now more than ever. And this value is at risk of cyber threats and attacks due to the complexity created by huge number of devices, siloed deployments and evolving threats.

So organisations are facing a challenge of breaches and are therefore strengthening their IT security. In this area, we have three security solutions provided by Infoblox.

The first is infrastructure protection. Infrastructure is the foundation that supports applications and services. Because infrastructure is so critical, Infoblox provides organisations with full visibility of devices, remediates the ones which are vulnerable and non-compliant and most importantly, maintains DNS availability against attacks. This ensures the utmost service continuity.

The second is data protection and malware mitigation which focuses on protecting against botnets and any exfiltration of confidential information. Whether its credit card information, or intellectual property, data needs to be protected.

Infoblox disrupts the cyberkill chain through its unique position on the network, with curated up-to date threat intelligence, blocks data being exfiltrated over the DNS channel, and ultimately identifies infected devices, accelerating remediation though its ecosystem integration.

The third solution is threat containment and operations. With today’s evolving threats and attacks, it’s not only about stopping breaches but also the ability to respond quickly and effectively considering the big disconnect between security controls and teams.

Infoblox helps ease security operations by eliminating silos, providing better context and consolidated threat intelligence and providing network and security orchestration for automating incident response.

Additional to the security solutions, Infoblox addresses a lot of the challenges organisations are facing in building up their next generation or software defined datacentre and cloud infrastructure.

Infoblox next-gen network control solution provides industrial grade, security enabled network control that provides rich visibility and control which enables SOC to deliver on its promise. Infoblox also addresses the IoT trend with automated and structured tools to help with governance using IP address planning solutions.

Moreover, Infoblox cloud networking and security for private and public cloud solutions enable businesses to adopt best mechanisms to deploy apps and services. The solutions are essential to solve the challenges with latency in virtual workload provisioning due to lack of network integration and the lack of centralised hybrid and multivendor cloud management.

What are your regional goals for the rest of the year and beyond?

Two things. One is to continue to provide innovative solutions that continue to address the changing security landscape and the other one is continue to grow.

In addition to security, we will be focusing on cloud and virtualization and helping customers solve the challenges associated with these two trends.

Partner training and enablement is also high on the agenda. This is to ensure that our channel attain the highest level of technical expertise to ensure delivery of the promise of the solutions that we offer.

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