Sergey Ozhegov, CEO of SearchInform: A profile

What makes the CEO of DLP solutions provider tick.

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Sergey Ozhegov, CEO of SearchInform: A profile Ozhegov: The security industry is moving towards omni-channel information security with emphasis on insider threat protection.
By  David Ndichu Published  July 22, 2017

What is your current role in the ICT industry and what are your responsibilities?

We are fairly new to the Middle Eastern market, but we are catching up, as there is a lot of growth in the region’s IT sector, particularly in the UAE. Unfortunately, such progress is typically accompanied by numerous covert threats that will require robust security measures to counteract.

That’s where SearchInform comes into play, as our technology protects corporate data from theft, leakage, industrial espionage, insider trading, and other risks.

What is the best thing about your job?

Drive and travel. SearchInform is currently at the stage of active growth: new activity lines are constantly developing, with challenging tasks emerging regularly.

How innovative do you think the network industry in the Middle East is and how can it improve?

The main trend is the digitisation of complex services. However, we see one significant drawback in all these innovations – little attention paid to security.

Implementing new solutions, extending IoT, and working with big data should go hand in hand with investment in information security solutions.

Without the proper security protocols, innovations inevitably becomes easy targets for intruders. We have seen this in action in the recent past; IOT devices being incorporated into botnets for DDOS attacks, or hacked to spy on owners; big data traded by insiders in the darknet, etc.

What are the upcoming trends or products in your sector?

The security industry is moving towards omni-channel information security with emphasis on insider threat protection. This next-generation technology should help mitigate a lot of the risks that face businesses, as opposed to the post factum alerts that have been the norm. In order to do that however, you have to understand the side of things that deals with human behaviour and motives.

Does your company utilise virtualisation or cloud and if so what products/ implementations do you have?

Due to security concerns and client requirements, the vast majority of our systems are deployed in-house, and no data leaves the company perimeter. Operations on server, client, and agent components for all popular virtualisation platforms is fully supported.

What are your out-of-office hobbies?

My two main hobbies are travel and sports. I blend the two.

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