Multi-device typing with Logitech K780 keyboard

The Logitech K780 multi-device wireless keyboard help reduce desktop clutter

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Multi-device typing with Logitech K780 keyboard The K780 leaves open ends that can accommodate larger or more devices by allowing them freedom to slide and stick out at the sides.
By  Manda Banda Published  March 14, 2017

Keyboards are a dime-a-dozen these days, figuratively speaking, of course. Given affordable pricing and the ample range of features to choose from, one could easily spend several hours narrowing down on the perfect typing tool.

But if you're looking for a unit that ditches wires, plays nice with mobile devices, and can reduce your desktop clutter, the latest K780 keyboard from Logitech may be the one for you. I recently had the chance to get hands and fingers on, to put it to the test.

As its name clearly states, Logitech's K780 multi-device wireless keyboard promises to be the one keyboard to rule all your computing gadgets. Indeed, it's fully compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, Android, and iOS-and more importantly, it provides fast and effortless switching between your computer, smartphone or tablet.

This full-size, six row keyboard features a complete set of function keys and a number pad. Certain keys-such as Alt and Ctrl-will automatically change functions depending on which operating system you're working in. Running the length of the keyboard is a rubberised tray that holds your mobile devices at the correct viewing angle.

Design and comfort

he Logitech K780 keyboard shares a similar look, feel, and functionality with several of Logitech's other keyboards, most notably the K380. In fact, the K780 could be considered the full desktop version of the K380, given the near-identical design that also extends to a number pad. But one other major difference is that the Logitech K780 sports a triangle-shaped ridge behind the top row of keys. Just as with the Logitech K480 keyboard, the K780 lets users prop up smartphones and tablets for easier viewing while typing.

Given the K780 keyboard's 15-inch (38-cm) length, there's sufficient room to rest a large-screen smartphone like a Samsung's Galaxy Note or Apple's iPhone Plus series and an 8-inch tablet, both in landscape orientation within this integrated device cradle.

Unlike the K480 keyboard, the K780 leaves open ends that can accommodate larger or more devices by allowing them freedom to slide and stick out at the sides. The cradle's off-white surface material is smooth with a slightly-rubberised feel to it, which gives that proper bit of friction to keep things in place.


To some, the ability to work at a desktop computer and instantly toggle keyboard input between it and two additional mobile devices conveniently perched on said keyboard will feel like living the dream. Not only can the Logitech K780 reduce clutter by replacing separate smartphone or tablet stands, but devices are always within easy reach of fingertips.

Answering a text message starts with only a few taps (screen unlock, switch keyboard input, open message) followed by typing, which is significantly faster and more efficient than thumbs.

When pairing with the included USB receiver, the Logitech K780 is ready for input right as your finger is about to lift off the function key. For mobile devices and Bluetooth, it takes a split second as the connection is being established. One thing to note about tablets and smartphones is that not all apps recognise or know what to do differently when a Bluetooth hardware keyboard has been connected. So you can sometimes expect the on-screen touch keyboard to activate (oftentimes obscuring) even as you're typing with the K780.

The verdict

After a month of using the Logitech K780 keyboard, it's hard to miss or want anything else. The overall typing experience is fast, fluid, and impressively functional across a trio of connected devices. It features most all the keys and commands one would expect for a full-size keyboard, regardless of operating system. The unit as a whole feels solidly-constructed, and the built-in device cradle is actually more convenient than one would think from just reading about it. Use it for a few hours, and you may find yourself permanently shelving all other tablet and smartphone docks or stands.

Logitech claims that the K780 can last up to two years of daily office typing with the included AAA batteries. Although impossible to validate after only a month of use, it shouldn't be that big a deal for anyone to swap in fresh batteries every six or so months anyway. If you happen to be a word-warrior, you can anticipate the most-used letters to have markings gradually wear away over time (over a year or so), as often is the case with keyboards.

The one feature I would have liked to have seen in the K780 keyboard is backlit keys. Logitech knows about proper glow for typing in dimly-lit environments, such as with the wireless K830 living-room keyboard, the wired K740 desktop keyboard, or multi-device Bluetooth K810 mobile keyboard. Illumination aside, the Logitech K780 can satisfy almost all of your three-way desktop typing demands, and is available for AED395.

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