Titano 007i: Great phone for the budget conscious

Quantum's budget handset comes with improved camera and enhanced performance

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Titano 007i: Great phone for the budget conscious The Quantum Titano 007i has a 1.3HGz, Octa-Core processor.
By  Manda Banda Published  March 5, 2017

Reasonably priced OEM smartphones are gaining wider acceptance in the Middle East consumer electronics market thanks to improved designs, performance and value for money.

In the past, at the peak of the smartphone hype, it was no secret that budget smartphones tended to look cheap and had crappy unresponsive touch screens.

Quantum's Titano 007i, however, is one of the best-looking budget smartphones I have had a chance to review since local OEM's that survived the post hype phase of the smartphone revolution, reinvented themselves to focus on quality, improved designs and enhanced performance.


Measuring 76.2 by 152.8 by 7.65mm, the Quantum Titano 007i dual SIM handset packs cutting edge technologies into a sleek profile to deliver a powerful smartphone user experience for a budget handset. It houses a 1.3HGz, Octa-Core processor that provides you with a seamless multitasking experience. The Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system of the device comes with better device protection settings. The built in 32GB RAM Nand Flash, TF (micro SD) card, providing support up to 32GB, making the smartphone to provide users with a glitch free interface and makes switching between multiple apps easier. The 8MP front and 13MP back camera of the device captures stunning pictures. The 5.5inch IPS FHD 1920 x 1080 display renders the Titano 007i to capture fabulous pixel resolution visuals.


With 3GB of RAM and a 1.3HGz, Octa-Core processor, the Quantum Titano 007i is able to handle pretty much any app without starting to lag or slow down. And despite that considerable processing power it never noticeably heated up even when running particularly demanding games.

The Titano 007i has a 3,000mAh battery that will last for around a day with moderate use. This isn't the battery revolution that one would expect in a budget phone. You'll still need to hook the device to its USB-C charger every night unless you're an extremely light user.

Elsewhere, the Quantum Titano 007i has a USB Type-C port, dual Nano SIM slots although if you don't want to use one SIM slot, it can be used as a microSD card slot. The microSD will let you add a further 32GB of space to the phone's inbuilt 32GB.


The Titano 007i is almost a fantastic smartphone - it looks great, has one of the best cameras around and comes with plenty of power and storage in the budget conscious consumers. But its software isn't quite up to scratch and that makes for a phone that's too often awkward and frustrating to use.

With other budget vendors like InnJoo, XTouch, Touchmate, Prestigio and other Chinese models competing with Quantum in the budget category, consumers will have to do a comparison before deciding if the Titano 007i meets their expectations.

That said, the Titano 007i is a step up in quality, look and feel, performance and cameras than the predecessor the Titano Bos.

If you're a photo aficionado, then this phone deserves serious consideration for its camera alone, but more general users might find themselves getting annoyed at Quantum's Android skin and average battery life. Quantum has shown that smartphone cameras can be improved in leaps rather than incremental steps, but it hasn't quite hit the nail on the head with an all-rounder with this model.


Exceptional camera with plenty of shooting modes, sleek design, light, value for money and expandable storage


Android skin is slightly frustrating; poor signal strength and battery that drains pretty quickly



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