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How efficient data management can help businesses manage their costs and ‘keep the lights on’

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Paying the bills Bassam Hemdan, area vice president at Commvault.
By  Bassam Hemdan Published  October 11, 2016

The economic situation in the Middle East is introducing new challenges for businesses based within the region, inviting the need to look for new ways to manage costs effectively and encourage resource efficiency. Companies are under pressure to maintain their current growth while simultaneously controlling, if not outright reducing, costs.

Many firms have resorted to reconsidering their IT budgets as a means to decrease their financial burden in the wake of geo-economic factors such as recovering oil and property prices. We believe that efficient data management is key to helping organisations do more with the same, or in many cases with less.

IT teams are faced with a series of hurdles as they attempt to control costs while still handling ever increasing quantities of data.

Under more favourable economic conditions, IT departments may have been able to get away with simply expanding their supporting infrastructure, hiring additional administrators, and expanding software renewals.

However, while oil prices rose to their highest point in eight months this June, the World Bank has already slashed its 2016 global growth forecast to 2.4%. The slow recovery in the economy means that companies will potentially face an uphill battle to keep their projects funded and operational. This environment is driving companies to re-evaluate their company infrastructure and identify areas of potential cost-reduction.

Experts in the field will stress that a critical opportunity to control costs and introduce effective resource management into their business lies with an efficient management of their data.

Discontinuing expensive multiple point solutions not only allows companies to reduce software renewal costs but also lowers physical infrastructure and administrator costs, as a more efficient vendor neutral solution can lower IT overhead across the board.

As such, Commvault offers this in the shape of a unified software defined solution, having has been recognised as a leader in the field of data management for years. In a recently conducted survey by leading analyst firm IDC and the latest iteration of the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Commvault was highlighted as a leader in the crowded data management industry.

We are also a reputed name in backup and recovery, with a scalable single code base, comprehensive support for cloud deployments, and the broadest support for storage hardware platforms being some of its key differentiating features.

Organisations that have implemented new, effective management solutions and services into their operations have benefited from significant reductions in annual spending on data management software renewals, infrastructure and administration costs.

Employing efficient data control solutions has also led to a dramatic reduction in administrative hours for these businesses, limiting the strain on IT support and management teams and allowing them to, figuratively speaking, ‘keep the lights on.’

In numerical terms, Commvault customers have witnessed a significant reduction in costs due to employing efficient data management solutions for their enterprises.

These results include a 42% reduction in annual hardware spending and a 52% reduction in annual software spending. On top of this, users of Commvault solutions have been able to boast of a 91% Protection Coverage rate for their data.

Commvault is committed to offering companies fresh ideas on how to tackle the challenges presented by tightened budgets in the wake of the current economic climate in the region. These ideas are grounded in the improvement of data management and efficiency, whether holistically or one step at a time.

In summary, employing powerful vendor neutral data management software in the place of a multiple point solution does not only allow companies to reduce software renewal costs but also lowers physical infrastructure and administrator costs.

This allows organisations to effectively deal with ever growing amounts of data and maintain ongoing projects while operating in a less than favourable economic environment.

Bassam Hemdan, area vice president at Commvault

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