Digitising the skyways

Aviation industry prepares for digital transformation take-off as ICT unifies airlines and airports to create seamless passenger travel experience

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Digitising the skyways Implementation of flexible, cloud-based contact centres play a pivotal role in supplementing the delivery of personalised information, says Orange Applications’ Mohammed Retmi.
By  Mohammed Retmi Published  July 10, 2016

No industry is immune to digital transformation, including the commercial aviation sector, which is looking to information and communication technology platforms to boost margins, reduce operating costs and meet the demands of travellers who expect a seamless, sophisticated passenger experience.

ICT spend within the aviation sector is growing as the industry attempts to catch up with its digitalised passengers and keep the ground and the air connected.

This is being done by unifying communications and combining them through multiple channels — online, social, voice, face-to-face — across airlines, airports and even government agencies.

Through the Internet-of-Things (IoT), passengers are being connected via the increasingly ubiquitous smartphone to a range of dedicated travel services and information.

One example of this ‘holistic connectedness’ is European low-cost carrier, EasyJet, which has partnered with London’s Gatwick Airport to launch Mobile Host, an app that combines live data from the airport’s systems in order to provide personalised instructions and updates for passengers.

By combining indoor maps, passenger booking details, location and flight time, the system is capable of issuing passenger instructions in real-time.

This include issuing check-in reminders, directions to bag-drop, departures and gate location, plus real-time gate and baggage notifications delivered directly to their mobile devices.

Passengers are increasingly adopting the self-service option when offered — be it for booking and check in, bag drop or boarding — and increasingly through a mobile device, as they move between airline and airport.

Don’t discount the power of the voice channel

Implementation of flexible, cloud-based contact centres play a pivotal role in supplementing the delivery of personalised information. The power of voice cannot be discounted in providing a precise and timely answer to your passengers’ most pressing questions.

When the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) asked consumers why they preferred phone service to other channels, it was not because it was the most convenient option or the one that best fitted their lifestyle, but because voice remains the most effective way to get to the best answer.

A total of 92% of organisations say that customer engagement is a priority for them, and 81% of them recognise the linkages between customer experience and customer brand loyalty.

Additionally, it is the phone channel that is still seeing the greatest volume growth. In the next 12-24 months, 55% of contact centres plan to expand or add inbound voice queues to accommodate the expected increase.

Deploying the right ICT applications improves margins and boosts brand power.

Collaboration between specialists in the fields of ICT and aviation can deliver call centre solutions that improve margins and elevate the passenger experience across their journey.

For example, by using their collective experience in the air transport industry, Orange Business Services and SITA, together with Genesys through their customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, offer an integration between Genesys Contact Center and a range of unified communications technologies. This helps provide a contact centre infrastructure that supports a personalised customer service.

Offering an omnichannel 360-degree customer experience is not easy, neither in delivering such an experience seamlessly, securely, or in a cost-effective manner.

Orange Business Services, a contact centre cloud-based technologies provider, in close collaboration with Genesys, provider of omnichannel customer experience and contact centre platforms, and SITA, a global IT provider to the aviation industry, is capable of achieving this result.

Contact Center Advanced Services uses the latest technology to improve a contact or call centre’s efficiency and ultimately, customer satisfaction. Whether you have a large centralised office or multiple sites around the globe, Contact Center Advanced Services can be custom built for businesses aiming to meet the demands of its passengers.

This can have a powerful impact on the passenger experience, by delivering information when and where it is needed. Ultimately, this means empowering your passengers to take control of their own journeys.

Mohammed Retmi, region head of Emerging Markets & Indirect, Orange Applications for Business.

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