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Bashar Bashaireh, GM for Middle East at Blue Coat Systems, discusses the company’s integrated approach to cyber security.

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All in one Bashaireh reveals Blue Coat has recently introduced a cloud point of presence in Dubai, addressing the cloud security needs of the region.
By  David Ndichu Published  June 30, 2016

Why is Blue Coat’s integrated approach to cyber security important?

Blue Coat’s mission is to protect enterprises and their users from cyber threats – whether they are on the network, on the web, in the cloud or mobile. Our capabilities as a Network + Security + Cloud vendor enables us to simultaneously address these areas for our customers.

For network operators, the Blue Coat Security Platform endeavours to deliver security that actually improves performance, including “five 9s” reliability and in-line traffic inspection at real network speeds.

The security features in our solutions offer deep payload inspection and complete data visibility – even within encrypted traffic. Finally, we work to empower customers to use the cloud to protect the cloud as they work to secure infrastructure, devices, applications, users and data – regardless of location or delivery model.

What are some of the trends impacting your sector?

Evolving Networks: The strictly defined corporate network as we’ve known it for many decades is nearing extinction. New connectivity options have emerged. Encrypted traffic is everywhere, creating blind spots for security controls. And the traditional perimeter is dissolving, as Wi-Fi and 4G/5G and cloud services foster new work patterns.

Migration to Cloud: Critical data was traditionally guarded carefully to ensure it never left the highly secure corporate boundaries. Now we live in a world of public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructure – with people accessing a mix of cloud-based apps and services requiring data protection across multiple premises (some owned and some not) and across multiple devices and end points.

Endpoint Revolution: Laptops and desktops used to be the dominant computing form factor, which made the “endpoint” easier to protect. Not so much with the new generation of devices – from smartphones and tablets to thermostats, cars and other “things” connected to the Internet – many of which can’t install and maintain traditional endpoint controls. This expanding attack surface demands a different control point.

Discuss the latest solutions from Blue Coat

Blue Coat’s recently introduced Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solutions – borne through internal R&D efforts along with our 2015 acquisitions of Perspecsys and Elastica. These solutions address the market’s rapid adoption of cloud applications and the gaps that have arisen as organisations discover the deficiencies of their existing security postures. Blue Coat’s CASB solutions provide organisations with the visibility, control, and data protection they need to be able to enable their users adopt cloud applications from any device or network in a safe and compliant manner.

Blue Coat’s Encrypted Traffic Management solutions help organisations extend the reach of security controls to encrypted traffic, while optimising performance and enabling granular policies to ensure data privacy.

Our most recent solution is the Mail Threat Defence solution, which extends Blue Coats’ Advanced Threat Protection capabilities to email, which remains the most frequently exploited threat vector. Because traditional email security solutions have had difficulty keeping pace with advances in spear phishing and advanced malware techniques, Blue Coat’s Mail Threat Defence allows organisations to respond by layering on more sophisticated threat detection and prevention capabilities on top of their existing secure email gateway deployments.

What is your presence in the Middle East?

The Middle East has been an important market for Blue Coat since the beginning. Blue Coat maintains a strong presence in the Middle East, with headquarters in Dubai as well as key sales and technical personnel across the region. Additionally, Blue Coat has recently introduced a cloud point of presence in Dubai, addressing the cloud security needs of the region.

What are your regional goals for the rest of the year and beyond?

Strategically speaking, our goal is to continue helping our customers take advantage of the shifts in networks, endpoints and the cloud while mitigating the evolving cyber security risks.

From a technology perspective, our goal is to help organisations transition their traditional security postures to become more proactive and comprehensive, incorporating the latest incident response, advanced threat protection and cloud security capabilities.


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