Digital security management solution launched

SMS digitises the process of obtaining visitor details for property managers

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Digital security management solution launched Sinno: All data obtained by the system is kept in private servers and cannot be accessed by any external party.
By  David Ndichu Published  June 12, 2016

KeyTech Security Solutions, an international provider of security management solutions, has announced the launch of the first generation of SMS, a fully integrated security management solution for public and private establishments.

The announcement was made during a press conference held recently in Dubai, which was attended by key members of the industry and representatives of the media.

SMS is a user-friendly, multi-purpose platform that provides security to frequently visited public and private establishments, such as residential and commercial properties, hotels, hospitals, governmental entities and educational institutions, among others.

SMS, through its numerous applications, digitises the process of obtaining visitor details. The platform is available in six languages and allows security personnel to obtain and accurately archive visitor details, such as the name, national identification number, and contact details, among other information that are usually requested upon entering a property.

SMS users can customise the solution to obtain information based on requirement, thus providing a practical, convenient and customizable process.

For further efficiency and to reduce waiting time, regular visitors can login biometrically after registering their fingerprints, to swiftly access the establishment and avoid repetition of procedures.

The system is designed to ask the right questions at all times and implements a mathematical approach in obtaining visitor information that can be later used to help control occupancy in the property, or even aid in general search queries.

Firas Sinno, founder and chief executive officer of KeyTech Security International, explains how SMS operates: “Visitors of an establishment are usually asked by the security guard on duty to manually write down their details on a notebook before accessing the premise. In time, the pages of the notebook get filled up, and it is manually archived or kept for some time, before eventually being destroyed. It also becomes extremely difficult and tedious to recall information about a specific person in the pile of notebooks, especially if information was registered inaccurately or incompletely. SMS eliminates the need for such notebooks, and allows security personnel to accurately get all the needed information within 50 seconds upon the first visit, and 10 seconds in the visits that follow. This way, establishments will be able to keep correct and complete information on the platform and save plenty of waiting time. It is also environmentally friendly as it requires no usage of paper.”

However, visitor management is one of many features SMS provides. Currently in its first generation, SMS allows complete occupancy control by monitoring access and exit to and from a property. Furthermore, a solution for car park management has been delivered through the use of ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology as well as an authorize vehicle feature. Further, lost items and possessions can be accounted for and returned to their rightful owners through the lost and found application, further increasing user experience and visitor satisfaction.

SMS provides added value through cost effectiveness, prevents operator or user error and ensures accountability as information is registered on the system through users’ accounts. It also maintains accurate and complete records, hence deterring potential criminal activities, provides instant reports on visitors and reduces waiting time, which ultimately increases the efficiency level of management and security in any property. Further, the system can be accessed remotely, through different electronic devices, or directly through the web.

“SMS provides valuable features, such as allowing communication through alert message broadcasts that can allow, or block access of a person attempting to enter an establishment. It sends email notifications regarding any expired documents and records in need for renewal. All data obtained by the system is kept in private servers and cannot be accessed by any external party,” Sinno explains, adding, “We live in a fast world, in which security has become of utmost importance for anyone. From my long experience in the field, and after experimenting with numerous security solutions, I find SMS to be the suitable security solution for times ahead. SMS has proved its effectiveness when tested in a number of large towers in Dubai, and is now ready to operate on a larger scale.”

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