InnJoo 2 not just another smartphone

New handset has brilliant features offered at the most affordable price

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InnJoo 2 not just another smartphone
By  Manda Banda Published  April 6, 2016

China-based mobile device maker InnJoo recently unveiled InnJoo 2, the company's second generation handset from its flagship smartphone range.

InnJoo 2 boosts a couple of new features like the fingerprint sensor with 0.46 seconds unlock senses, a 13MP front and back camera, full Android 5.1 OS, 2.5D full metalic body and 3200mAh battery with fast charging technology.

So what makes the second generation handset better than its predecessor?

Equipped with a 1.3 GHz Quad-Core processor, InnJoo 2 takes everything that made InnJoo ONE great with a sleek design, featuring a 7.3mm thickness, 126g and a stunning 5.0-inch HD IPS display.


Designed with features similar to the iPhone 6, this 4G LTE smartphone has been crafted in one piece metal body with ultimate looks. The new handset is powered by 4600 mAh powerful battery and but this mean nothing if the user can benefit from such power. What I liked about the battery charging technology that is on the InnJoo 2 is the fact that it ensures faster charging and only takes 1.5 hours to full charge.

The handset has a faster Octa-core processor yet more power-efficient. It has 2GB RAM, 16GB in-built storage (which can be expanded to 128GB using a micro SD card).

InnJoo did stop just of the hardware specs for the latest device is powered by Android Lollipop OS and fast Internet connection.


Adopting the latest module of fingerprint detector and recognition algorithm, the sensor recognises and responds to your touch immediately, at a high speed of 508PPI resolution with only 0.46s. The finger print reader allows the user to enroll up to five fingers. In addition, the finger print reader at the back of the camera can also be used as the shutter release button for taking selfies using the front-facing camera. The front camera allows users to shoot beautiful Selfies, while the rear camera with auto focus, f/2.0 aperture, and 4P lens helps one to shoot extraordinary images.

For the first time, an OEM mobile devices brand has brought to market a handset that has 13MP camera for both back and front. Not only that, the handset comes with flash for both the front and back camera allowing the taking of selfies much easier and convenient in dim or poor lighting conditions.


Given the design, features, performance and price point, the InnJoo 2 is not only a value for money product and it's suited for budget conscious consumers that want to experience the performance of a premium handset from an OEM brand that has continued to innovate in a segment that is saturated with low priced poor performing devices.

The latest 4G LTE device is exclusively available at for AED399 in UAE and SAR399 in Saudi Arabia.

Pros: Great battery life, affordable price point, enhanced security features with finger print reader and has flash both for the back and front camera.
Cons: Low storage and memory.

The best quality budget phone for the price conscious consumer.

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