Google’s AI AlphaGo 'resigns' in fourth match

Update: After three losses, Go champion wins fourth round against artificial intelligence

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Google’s AI AlphaGo 'resigns' in fourth match Legendary Go grandmaster, Lee Se-dol, defeats AI AlphaGO in Go competition (Getty)
By  Aasha Bodhani Published  March 13, 2016

Since winning the first three matches, Google's AlphaGo has finally been defeated by legendary Go grandmaster, Lee Se-dol in Seoul, South Korea.

Playing the Chinese board game, Go, Lee scored his first win against DeepMind's artificial intelligence, as the computer messaged "AlphaGo resigns". This prompted a reminder the program may not be perfect after all, despite three consecutive wins.

"I couldn't be happier today...this victory is priceless. I wouldn't trade it for the world," Mr. Lee said at a news conference after the game.

The fourth match, which lasted almost five hours on Sunday, saw Lee struggle in the early phase but eventually gained a lead towards the end, where Lee took battle to the centre of the board in the 78th turn. This move baffled AlphaGo and reacted by making a mistake in the 79th move, resulting in unusual moves thereafter.

DeepMind CEO Denis Hassabis tweeted: "Lee Sedol is playing brilliantly! #AlphaGo thought it was doing well, but got confused on move 87. We are in trouble now... Mistake was on move 79, but #AlphaGo only came to that realisation on around 87."

Hassabis added after: "Lee Sedol wins game 4!!! Congratulations! He was too good for us today and pressured #AlphaGo into a mistake that it couldn't recover from."

The final match will take place on Tuesday.

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