Day in the Life: Simon Yeung

We join Simon Yeung, executive director and president, Comba Telecom Systems International Ltd as he shares how he spends his day at work.

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Day in the Life: Simon Yeung
By  Manda Banda Published  February 5, 2016

Name: Simon Yeung
Company: Comba Telecom
Job title: Executive Director and President of Comba Telecom Systems International Ltd
Years in the role: 11 years
Years at the company: 11 years
Previous companies: LGC Wireless

07:45 I usually wake up at about 07:45 during week days. I actually prepare for the day ahead the previous night so that I can spend some quality breakfast time with my children and family.

08:40 I drive to work and the commute takes me around 20 minutes to get to the office. Work normally starts as soon as I start my commute to the office. Due to the international nature of the business, conference calls are typically scheduled during the drive.

09:00 I usually arrive at office at 9am. Once the calls have finished, I start checking my emails that have come in since last night.  By about 9.30, my personal assistant will come to my desk to go over the day’s agenda.

09:30 My tasks and priorities are worked out with my assistant. My general philosophy is to empower my team members. Inevitably, there are issues that may require my attention in order to allow my team to proceed.

10:00 Once I have settled in the office, my schedule includes calls to other parts of the world that is still awake. Other tasks include working on the ongoing, long term projects to ensure progress on all fronts.

10:30 The nature of my role means I am exposed to every single facet of the business, from sales to finance to marketing to logistics. This means I am always exposed to something new. Therefore, my favourite part of the job is when I am exposed to new challenges as I learn from that.

11:00 To succeed in my role, one needs to have a curious, open mind. You need to keep learning and listening to others, even if their views are counter to what you may initially believe. In my mind, there’s no such thing as a norm. I believe trust in your team is important and one needs to empower them team to make decisions. that get the job done without having to micro manage them.

11:30 This is where my assistant comes in. At the beginning of the day, she assists me in reviewing and delegating out some of the tasks to my team. At various points of the day, she will provide me with status reports, especially with the urgent and important tasks.

12:30 I usually take lunch between 12:30 and 13:15 if there’s no meeting scheduled. During lunch hours, sometimes I go biking or running and the frequency of this is dependent on whether I have a competition coming up.

14:00 I usually check and review sales as that’s the perfect yardstick and primary indicator to measure how the company is doing in the regional market.

16:00 It’s an ongoing process and my assistant helps keeps track for me with regular status reports om various tasks for the day.

17:00 Exercising is very vital for me and I get much enjoyment from it. During the year, I take part in several competitions and the most recent of which was a triathlon involving swimming, biking and running.

18:00 I always have quick reviews of the next day’s task before knocking off.

19:00 When I’m at home, family is very important to me and I normally relax with my two children and wife.  Home improvement is also a great way for me to relax and I typically have several do-it-yourself (DIY) projects on the go.

24:00 When all is done for the day, I normally go to bed at midnight.

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