Force for Safety: Forceis Integrated Security Systems in focus

Forceis Integrated Security Systems is a professional and reputable provider of business security systems in UAE.

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Force for Safety: Forceis Integrated Security Systems in focus Alketbi: There is room in the market for local companies.
By Staff Writer Published  January 31, 2016

Forceis Integrated Security Systems is a professional and reputable provider of business security systems in UAE. As one of the UAE’s fastest growing physical integrated security companies, it provides the protection that keeps a significant number of the country’s large and small businesses operational. We speak with Dr Mohammad Alketbi, Managing Director, Forceis Integrated Security Systems, to find out more about the company.

Can you provide an overview of Forceis?

Forceis is a physical integrated security systems company. We created the company this year. We deal with physical security solutions, so we integrate the stuff like access control, CCTV, intrusion alarms, barrier gates, parking management — that kind of thing. We started this year, but we are doing very well. We have been awarded eight projects, and we are listed with Meraas, Emaar, Jumeirah Group, and we’ve won projects with Deyaar. We are new, but we’re doing great, as in we’re transferring from being a start-up company to being one of the biggest companies here in terms of the scope of our projects.

What was behind the decision to start the company and enter into such a competitive environment?

The idea is that there’s no local presence in the sector; most of the companies are owned by expats. Whenever you call someone, you are expecting someone from the expat community; you never expect a local guy to answer and say that they are the owner of the company, or the managing director. You can imagine that the market is empty, and there is space for the local people to improve — there’s plenty of opportunity.

How did you find the challenge of setting up the company?

I was in the UK — I worked there for six or seven years. I learned a lot from some very professional people, and I saw, you could say, the tough life. You understand how they compromise, how they work, how they schedule everything. I came back from London in 2014, and then I had this idea to create a company. The idea was for some English guys to get involved, but unfortunately they didn’t want to come and administer the company over here. I said that’s okay, if they prefer to stay there, then I’ll create the company here by myself.

So is Forceis a UK company that you’ve brought over here?

That company in the UK is merging with another company, so now they are closing it — they have another name, which I don’t recall. So Forceis is now just a UAE company.

Why did you choose physical security as your speciality? Are you responding to a market need?

Yes, definitely. We have hot zones around the GCC. We are one of the countries that buys the most stuff for security. Our market is growing even bigger, especially with a few incidents that have happened in Saudi and Kuwait. What’s more, we already have laws that everyone needs to follow. They require most of the commercial and residential buildings to have CCTV, and the five-star hotels have had to increase their systems to a higher standard. It’s about safety, and whenever I go to clients, they see the local presence and they can say that their investment is also about caring about the country, caring about the city. And I’m not here to sell my product just because we’re looking for money. We’re showing customers that we care about the country’s security.

Which vendors do you work with?

I work with Samsung, Sony, CNL, Vidsys, Maxxess, Genetec, Wavestore, Axis Communications, Norden, Belden, Pure Storage. Most of the big names come to my office because they see what we’ve achieved in such a short period. Not to mention, Forceis has the ISO 9001:2008 certification, we have vendor qualification forms and an approved vendor list to keep our quality at the  top. We try to bring the best products.

What’s your approach to vendor partnership?

Most of the big foreign vendors want a local person present, someone who can take them to the senior management of the local firms. I’m playing a good role in that, but I also play a role as a consultant and integrator for my customers. Both sides can see the trust — we say that we’re 100% partners for vendors and customers.

And what’s your approach to customer care?

I’m like one of our 360-degree cameras — I see everything from above. I don’t judge things quickly. I need to see what the client needs, but before we go to the client, I do an interrogation with the partners. I tell them to come to me, do their presentations, and I will ask them security-related questions. We work to assure our clients that we will give them the best delivery of a project. And then we will support them even after we’ve finished the project.

What drives you personally to pursue success?

I am 100% local. I did my bachelor’s degree in the UAE, and my master’s degree in the UK. I also did my PhD in the UK. I worked for the International Maritime Organisation in London. I loved London because I saw how most of the English people worked — they’d go from when they woke up until six o’clock. They use every minute. Some of the people here want to work from, say, seven o’clock until two o’clock, and then they go back home. People need to be motivated; they need to approach the market, they need to think as professionals. I lecture in universities on subjects such as business law and commercial maritime law. I’ve been invited to attend an HCT roundtable for new degree programmes and I agreed to accept three to five students per year for an internship programme in the company.

And do you have any people who personally influence you?

Definitely, my father, Ali Khalifa Bin Belaisha. Everyone knows him in Dubai. He’s a businessman, and he has very good relationships with the chairmen of some of the big local companies. He used to take me with him when I was a kid to meet senior managers and because of that I gained strong charisma and negotiation skills.  And if I can, I like to give back to him and promote him a little bit. H.H. Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid al Maktoum has been a great influence not just on me but the whole region. His wisdom and vision of making the UAE smart country had a great impact on me to bring the latest technology to the market.

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