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Review: The iPad Pro Can the iPad Pro replace your traditional laptop?
By  Tom Paye Published  January 12, 2016

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Key Specs

Internal storage: 128 GB
Memory: 4 GB RAM
OS: iOS 9
Price: AED 3,699 (128 GB Wi-Fi only)
Processor: A9 chip

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When it was unveiled in September last year, the iPad Pro was derided by critics as being a carbon copy of Microsoft's Surface Pro. Here was a large-screen touch device, which came with a detachable keyboard and cover that looked suspiciously like the same mechanism on the hybrid peddled by Cupertino's Redmond-based competitor.

The cynics shrugged. And what gave the critics even more ammunition was the fact that iPad Pro runs on Apple's iOS operating system - hardly a fully featured productivity platform, compared to the likes of OS X or Windows 10, anyway. The Surface Pro features a proper operating system, they cried, an operating system designed for productivity. How could the iPad Pro offer similar levels of professionalism, they asked, before dismissing the device as a sign that the ongoing slump in iPad sales was pushing Apple into desperation.

Perhaps that's why, as he did the press rounds following the device's launch, Apple CEO Tim Cook pointed out several times that, for many people, the iPad Pro really could replace a traditional laptop. After all, you can buy a detachable keyboard, the screen is laptop-sized, and new apps have been added that allow the device to become much more of a creative machine. The question, however, is whether Cook is right in making these claims.

If you want the short answer, he is. But of course, there's a lot more to it than that. The ability of the iPad Pro to replace your traditional laptop depends entirely on what you use a laptop for. For the vast majority of people, I can't see why you couldn't complete most tasks on the iPad Pro with as much ease (or more) as you can on a normal laptop. And even if you're a PC power user, accustomed to running powerful software for creation or productivity, you'd be surprised at much you can achieve with the iPad Pro.

And so, if you can justify replacing your traditional laptop with an iPad Pro, suddenly that AED 3,699 (for the 128GB model) asking price doesn't look so ludicrous. Here's how the device stacks up.

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1174 days ago
User rating: 3 stars

Pros: test

Cons: test

if surface is best as of now, let's accept the fact until ipad comes up and take over office productivity market

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