Day in the Life: Eldynero Santos

We join Eldynero Santos, general manager, at Comba Telecom, as he shares how he spends his day at work.

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Day in the Life: Eldynero Santos
By  Manda Banda Published  August 31, 2015

Channel Middle East finds out from a market personality about their role, their routine and what inspires them to come into work each day.

Name: Eldynero Santos
Company: Comba Telecom Limited Middle East
Job Title: General Manager
Years in the role: 2 Years
Years at the company: 4 Years
Previous companies: S.S.Lootah Group (UAE), SR Telecom Inc. (Philippines)

I’m up at around 6:15am, and start the day with a prayer. I then wait with my five-year-old daughter for her school bus. Once she has left for school, I take my breakfast, while watching news and ease into work by scanning e-mails.

Normally, I leave home at around 8am and it takes me around 45 minutes to drive down to the office, during which time, I listen to the news and business shows on the radio or online podcasts.

I arrive at the office by 9am and the minute I am settled in, I immediately respond to the most urgent mails in my inbox, sign cheques and important documents, followed by a series of morning meetings. Our office administrator helps coordinate these.

All tasks linked to customer concerns are my top priorities. Placing our clients high up on the priority chain is what helps us maintain business stability and maximise returns for our stakeholders.

I feel most enthusiastic about stabilising customer relationships by ensuring consistent communication and providing unfailing support. Once a customer’s confidence is in place, everything follows.

Strict time management, prioritising tasks and stringent identification of the most critical ones are crucial in ensuring completion of tasks set out for the day. Additionally, I follow the company’s standard procedures and policies as supplements in neutralising priorities.

During what I call “toxic schedules”, I see to it that I have at least a homemade sandwich or salad for my lunch to sustain my energy for the rest of the day. I like to invite some staff members to join me for lunch on regular days.

Well, we do have performance indicators in the company for individual targets and business growth. The growth of the business relies on securing customer satisfaction without reneging on commitments to stakeholders and maintaining the balance.

I habitually check my schedule at two to three hour intervals. This also helps me ensure that no tasks have been overlooked; especially since each task is not only essential but could also influence the work of others.

Having a healthy body plays a significant role in maintaining a healthy mind. Stress is inevitable in the corporate world, and a workout is one of the ways to escape its detrimental effects. I often go cycling with my family on week nights and weekends.

Aside from partaking in sports, I like spending quality time with my family. My family loves music, so we do end up singing to music videos with running lyrics, known as ‘videoke’.

On working days, I usually go to bed at 10pm, satisfied that I have finished all the tasks for the day. On weekends, I like to enjoy a movie with my family and usually retire late. But whichever the day, I close it with a prayer.

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