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Channel Middle East finds out from a market personality about their role, their routine and what inspires them to come into work each day.

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Day in the Life
By  Manda Banda Published  June 29, 2015

Name: Mohamed Adel Elhossiny COMPANY: APTEC SA - an Ingram Micro Company JOB TITLE: Partners Account Manager – Microsoft OEM YEARS IN THE ROLE: 2 Years 7 Months YEARS AT THE COMPANY: 2 Years 7 Months PREVIOUS COMPANIES: Veta Biotech, Egypt

Wednesday, 20th May 2015

We join Mohamed Adel Elhossiny, partners account manager at APTEC KSA, as he shares how he spends his day at work.

06:00 - I usually wake up between 6:00 and 6:30am every day. I believe this is the best time to freshen up and get ready for the day ahead. I also use this time to exercise before preparing for work.

08:00 - The commute to work is usually an easy drive and I enjoy the fact that I drive to get to the office. I prefer to listen to some music during my drive as that calms me down and helps me to prepare for the day ahead.

08:45 - I usually get to work at around 8:45am and straight away get up to speed in finalising my tasks and activities for that day. Once my schedule starts, I focus on activities for that day be it visits, deals I want to close or my set objectives.

09:30 - I determine my tasks step by step with partners always first on the to do list. Other tasks build on and follow through accordingly. I also follow up on outstanding deals, finalise any pending issues and help the team to drive business in order for the company to achieve positive results.

11:00 - The favourite part in any business, is hunting and closing deals as soon as possible. In the IT sector that is really vital given the tough competition in the market. Planning is essential in channel account management.

12:00 - I always try to strike a balance between set tasks and goals, versus the results these yield in terms of new business for the team and the whole company.

13:00 - I usually take my lunch between 1:00 and 2:00pm and during lunch, I also use the time to chat with close friends and colleagues through WhatsApp.

14:30 - As my role involves dealing with people, it is vital for one to have impeccable communication skills and people management abilities. Understanding what partners need to succeed in their business is critical and a necessity in this role.

17:30 - I always try to review events of the day prior to me knocking off. During this time, I also plan for urgent issues that have to be attended to the following day. During this time, I also access which areas have we missed and why? 

19:00 - After hours, I make every effort to keep fit as it is not only healthy but help me to unwind after a hectic schedule at work. I am a football fanatic and do play.

21:00 - After an evening of exercising, I like to unwind by listening to my only favourite musicians Mozart and Omar Khirat. I am also an avid reader of history books and occasionally, I do enjoy watching history movies or documentaries.

24:00 - I retire to bed between 12:00 and 12:30am. I also make sure to give my body, brain, the standard six hours sleep, which I believe is enough for me to look forward to yet another day.

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