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AOC G2460P The G2460P has the same excellent stand like the G2460PG, which can swivel 90 degrees.
By  Manda Banda Published  April 12, 2015

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AOC’s G2460P display panel is basically the same screen as the G2460PG, except it doesn't have G-Synch or motion blur reduction.

Otherwise it is an excellent monitor for the price point, giving a great refresh rate and a nice professional look.The lower cost actually changes things up a lot for it.

The G2460P has the same excellent stand, which can swivel 90 degrees, it even looks much the same.

Unlike the PG it comes with a standard monitor cable to connect to your computer, which means it is easier on older hardware. You can still use an HDMI cable if you want, but it is nice to have the option.

I am not a fan of monitors using two pin plugs, particularly if they plug directly into the socket. I just think an earth wire is justified on something big like this AOC monitor offering.

That said, the G2460P is up against some stiff competition in the Middle East channel market. The BenQ XL2411T is up there and it refreshes at 120hz and unlike the AOC G2460P, it's 3D capable.

However, if you are looking for an ultra-wide display, the Philips Brilliance 298X4QJAB has a 21:9 aspect ratio and is equally competitively priced.

The AOC G2460P gaming monitor is built for speed and has a refresh rate of 144hz and a response time of 1ms, both very impressive figures. It's a 24-inch display, with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Its maximum resolution is 1920x1080, so it's ideal for full HD movies as well as your gaming needs.

The display panel has a brightness rating of 350cd/m2, which means it can be very bright if you turn the setting all the way up to its maximum. Naturally, you will rarely need to do so unless, you are using it in bright sunlight and for some reason, can't draw the curtains. It's based on a TN panel rather than the more recent (and more expensive) IPS display, which offers better colour reproduction and viewing angles, but isn't as quick for gamers. The monitor displays up to 16.7 million colours, but one thing it doesn't have is support for Nvidia 3D Vision, so if you like your gaming 3D, this isn't the display for you.

Otherwise, there is nothing really to complain about. It is nice having additional USB ports available, and it works very well.

Like all AOC monitors, installation is dead easy. The big advantage here is the recommended retail price, which is around AED1699 and all it is missing is G-Synch and motion blur reduction.

Pros: Good deal, excellent stand and ideal for high speed gaming action
Cons: Lacks G-Synch or motion blur reduction and is not 3D capable like competitor products at the same price point

A pretty good deal although it doesn't have support for Nvidia 3D Vision

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