’s Cyber Kung Fu Master Class: DNS Cache Poisoning, with Infoblox

Peter Goodwin of Infoblox coaches us on the Web-traffic redirect attack

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  • E-Mail’s Cyber Kung Fu Master Class: DNS Cache Poisoning, with Infoblox This month’s Cyber Kung Fu Master: Peter Goodwin, technical director, Middle East at Infoblox.
By  Stephen McBride Published  February 26, 2015

Because ISPs are not he exclusive targets of DNS poisoning, Master Goodwin urges every enterprise to have defence mechanisms in place.

"It is no longer adequate to have a DNS infrastructure that simply responds to queries," he points out. "What is needed is an integrated, secure DNS architecture that also enables smart growth. Regardless of the protection technique that is used, it is important to stay one step ahead of the attackers. Keeping protection up to date is key, as the DNS threat landscape continuously evolves, and attacks change form.

"It is essential to ensure that the update of protection rules is done automatically. With the new level of sophistication in modern-day attacks, it is not possible to manually create and add detection rules to DNS. Enterprises need specialised and automated DNS protection.  The DNS infrastructure should protect itself against inevitable DNS attacks.  An often overlooked aspect of DNS architecture is reporting. A modern day DNS architecture should include a reporting technology that provides centralised visibility and allows users to diagnose problems and be alerted when the system is under attack.

Class dismissed

So now you know a little more Kung Fu. Go out into the world in confidence and practice what you have learned. Our thanks to Peter Goodwin.

Bow to the Master.

"Thank you, Sifu."

Class dismissed.

Next month (26 March): Phishing.

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