Sony Wireless Walkman NWZ-W273S

Wireless and waterproof but fails on sound quality

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Sony Wireless Walkman NWZ-W273S The Sony Wireless Walkman costs AED 279 and holds 4GB worth of music.
By  Helen Gaskell Published  January 12, 2015

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Key Specs

Battery life: 8 hrs
Memory: 4GB
Price: AED 279
Supported media: MP3 Audio; WMA Audio; AAC Audio; and Linear-PCM Audio
Weight: Approx. 29g

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Pros: Comfortable and wireless
Cons: Muffled sound and not good for vigourous exercise

A better option than having wires and carrying a music player in your pocket, but the sound quality could be much better

The idea of the Sony Wireless Walkman is a great one. It is waterproof, has no wires and holds 4GB worth of music. It sounds like the perfect exercise companion, however, in reality this is not the case.

Sadly the sound quality is not that good, even when walking it is muffled and I felt vibrations in my ears every time I took a step - this was much worse when jogging.

Also when jogging, the ear buds are prone to falling out or sometimes just slip slightly meaning you have to keep adjusting them, this can get very annoying while trying to run.

For swimming, the Walkman is better than nothing but it is not ideal for fast, rigorous swimming. Again, the ear pieces slip out and water gets in, so it is irritating putting them back again while trying to swim and also means the sound quality is even worse.  I tried a swimming cap to secure the Walkman in place which helped, but it was still not perfect.

I wouldn't advise using this device instead of normal wired headphones for just general walking either as I felt a bit embarrassed walking around looking like some sort of not-so-secret agent, especially when pressing the buttons to change the song or volume. You could however use it if you like listening to music/podcasts before going to sleep as they are very comfortable.

On a positive note, it does hold 4GB worth of music and I think despite the bad points I still preferred it (because it is wireless) to having my iPod in my pocket and the wire getting in the way.

The Walkman is available in a variety of colours; it is waterproof - so perhaps good for anyone who likes to listen to music in the shower; and it is also lightweight and very comfortable.

The device is really easy to use, it was very simple just to plug into the PC and drag and drop music files. While using it, you cannot see the volume/power/skip buttons but with use, they become easy to distinguish by touch. Its battery life of 8 hours is also a plus point and it features a 3 minute Quick Charge for 60 minutes playback.

The Sony wireless Walkman NWZ-W273S costs AED 279.00 which is reasonable and worth it for casual exercise or to save your mp3 player from drowning if you enjoy using it at the beach or pool.

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