Reducing office clutter

Sabine Holocher, PR specialist EMEA at PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Ltd, shares tips for SMEs on how to reduce clutter in the office environment.

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Reducing office clutter
By  Sabine Holocher Published  August 16, 2014

Mountains of clutter and paperwork can be a great hindrance to the development of a small business.

Failing to put in place strict systems to manage paper and clutter could have great financial implications, as illustrated by a paper published by Fujitsu in partnership with the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), entitled “Scan More, Print Less – Save Your Small Business a Small Fortune”.

The research finds that a misplaced or misfiled document could cost a small business an average of £80 (AED 504). And ARMA International, a not-for-profit information professional association, estimates that on average businesses tend to misfile up to 20% of their papers. This is a huge amount of money for a business to be losing unnecessarily and it is particularly important for small businesses to pay attention to details like this in order to increase profitability.

By cutting down on clutter, you can transform your office and increase your employees’ productivity so that you can work more effectively towards achieving your company’s goals. While this may sound complicated, here are some simple yet effective tips to help you maintain a clear and efficient workplace.

Make a fresh start
The new tax year is an excellent opportunity to review the processes you have in place and to think about introducing new systems. So, start by developing a comprehensive filing system for all your paperwork. Filing systems can be life-savers when it comes to managing paper – just make sure that the system is unified across your business and that all your staff is trained to use it in the same way.

Dedicate time to streamline
Once you have a new system in place, you can ensure your employees use it by scheduling time every week for filing and organising. For example, dedicating a regular time slot on a Monday morning to de-cluttering the office should ensure you and your employees adhere to the system. It also breads a culture of organisation and a commitment towards maintaining a clutter-free workspace.

Digitise your documents
Culling paper is important, but to safeguard your work, you need to ensure you are backing-up important documents. Implement a document management system, with a document scanner and document management software, and make sure your team start digitising their paper documents. Scanning your paperwork not only backs-up your important documents, it also allows you to get rid of the paper originals and cut down on office clutter. It also means that you have all important documents stored digitally in a secure place, where they can’t get lost.

Shred and recycle
In order to allow your employees to efficiently reduce clutter, try investing in a shredder and a recycling bin. Offering your employees a method of quickly and effectively disposing of paper should encourage them to keep the office clutter free and ensure everyone adheres to your new streamlining processes. It also means you are doing your bit for the environment, which will further enhance your business’s credentials in today’s green era.

Colour coordinate
To keep your paperwork organised, implement a colour coding system for your storage space. By providing a clear and straightforward way for your employees to file, you will be guaranteeing an organised and streamlined office. Research has shown that bright colours increase creativity, so you will also be investing in a more inventive and productive workforce.

When reducing office clutter, you need to be discerning. Be strict about throwing away redundant paperwork and implement a process which encourages your team to do the same. By investing in vital office equipment, such as scanners and shredders, you can also provide your employees with the tools needed to keep the office clutter-free. As long as you maintain your commitment to your new systems, you will find that better management of paper really does mean better business.

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