Businesses ignore third platform at their peril

IDC urges regional businesses to pay attention to emerging technologies or face ‘extinction’

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Businesses ignore third platform at their peril Third platform is so important that businesses that ignore will become ‘extinct’, IDC believes.
By  Stephen McBride Published  February 27, 2014

Companies not paying attention to the emerging so-called "third platform" of technologies will not survive.

That is the message that came from IT industry analyst firm International Data Corporation (IDC) during its CIO Conference, held in Dubai's Jumeirah Beach Hotel this week. Speaking to, Crawford Del Prete, executive vice president, worldwide research products and chief research officer at IDC said, "I think that third platform is relevant to all kinds of organisations and those that think the third platform doesn't really apply to them will be extinct."

Third platform brings together four technologies that are driving fundamental operational and architectural changes to enterprise ICT frameworks: social, mobile, analytics (big data) and cloud. Some are adopted by conscious choice; others are changes that happen to organisations outside their control. For example, companies cannot stop customers tweeting about bad service. Nor can they stop employees from adopting the smartphone of their choice, at least not without a resultant impact on business performance.

"As we run the numbers, the third platform portion of the IT market, between now and 2020, will grow at between 10 and 15%, compound annual growth rate [CAGR]," said Del Prete. "The technologies associated with the second platform will be flat - they will not grow, and they may actually shrink during that same time period. If you are a company that is not embracing the third platform then you are really in trouble; you're not investing in your business in a way that is going to ensure the long-term viability of that business."

Within the Gulf region and emerging markets, the growth figures are notable among third-platform technologies. Del Prete predicted the number of smartphone shipments will grow by over a billion units in emerging markets; the use of social media will grow "aggressively"; and cloud will grow by nine times between now and 2020.

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1845 days ago

IDC could be proved wrong as adopting the latest technology need not result in more profits. Take the example of Cloud. Everyone talks about every applicable to be run on a cloud. It made sense may be 5 - 8 years back when the cost of hardware was high. Today the power consumption of multiple hardware in very low like the price. So Why invest on complicated technologies which only the hardware manufacturer understand? That being the case, suddenly the discussion is on "Computing Appliances". The trend have started with SAP HANA. Here the performance is substantially enhanced provided you invest on new "fine-tuned" hardware. So all your investment on Cloud will be rained down.

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