Training; Get on the right track

The Cisco Network Security Track provides an overview of Cisco security, according to Pawandeep Singh Arora, sales manager, Learning Services (Gulf), GBM.

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Training; Get on the right track
By  Georgina Enzer Published  August 23, 2013

What is the Cisco Network Security Track?
The Cisco Network Security Track is a course that provides an overview of Cisco Network Security Products and training on how to properly use them, helping security engineers deal with today’s challenging business environments. The security track is split into various sub-courses, each dealing with a particular section of security.  These courses enhance participant knowledge of how to secure networking devices and appliances. The courses empower participants, who are mostly engineers and security teams, on how to deal with day-to-day security challenges in their organisations. Preventing intrusion and security breaches, and ensuring secure remote connectivity to their network are all topics covered in the course. The specially designed five day sub-courses also teach participants how to choose, deploy, troubleshoot and monitor firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS), intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and VPN’s in the network.

What benefits does the course give the student?
The world has transformed into a global village, where everything is accessible with the click of a button. We are in the era of global communication and constant information sharing. Organisations now pass a huge amount of sensitive data across networks, and securing it has become a prime concern for organisations across all industries. The level of security requirements do usually vary from industry to industry, with the banking sector, aviation and defence being among the industries with the most stringent IT security protocols.

Every sector in this region has an increased understanding of the importance of IT security, and how having a secure network can help to maintain customer trust and loyalty. Keeping networks secure is a constant battle as new viruses and malware are invented. Hence, security in IT networks plays a very vital role in building upon that trust. There is an immense demand for security professionals in the regional and the global market.

Is it an essential qualification for data centre security professionals?
Security is a common concern across various verticals within IT, be it for data centres, normal networks, disaster recovery sites, etc.

Everything has to be secured. Essentially, what varies and is of paramount significance is the level of security implemented and the type of security implemented. Different networks have different requirements. As the requirements change, so do the security devices that are used.  In light of that, security is a must in all types of networks. This qualification will add an additional feather to the caps of data centre professionals, complementing their existing skill sets.

Who should attend the courses?
IT professionals managing networks who want to take the next leap on the security front should attend the course. Existing IT security professionals intending to enhance their skills to the latest security technologies and practices offered by Cisco would also benefit from participation.

IT managers, network architects, and network consultants can learn this security technology to help them make better decisions in designing their internal or client networks. Another audience for these Cisco security courses are recent college graduates looking to pursue a career in the IT network security domain.

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