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The University of California is currently working on neural electronics

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Back to the future Howard Charney, senior vice president in the Office of the President at Cisco says the technology world is rapidly developing.
By  Georgina Enzer Published  August 4, 2013

The University of California is currently working on neural electronics — a flexible wearable patch that goes on the body and picks up skin resistivity and electrical signals that are sent through the human body, and wirelessly allows the user to control other things, according to Howard Charney, senior vice president, office of the president, Cisco.

“We already know that people are controlling their prosthetic limbs with thought, wheelchairs and can do things by just thinking, this has been demonstrated in labs,” said Charney.

Today the cloud provides us with storage, computation and provides us with network services, but one of the things that is being looked at by scientists, according to Cisco, is whether the cloud could act as an extension of the human brain; ie a computing service which is akin to making the human brain twice or three or 10 times more powerful than it is today.

“We have about 300 million pattern recognition models in the human brain. The way that we think has to do with recognising patterns, we see a pattern and correlate that to another pattern and draw a conclusion that is what makes us humans. Instead of having 300 million pattern recognition models, what if you had 600 million, imagine what you could think and what you could dream about. Imagine what might be possible then?” said Charney.

The cloud could be utilised as an extension of the human cortex and so just like today the cloud is a matter of storage and computation and network services, in the not too distant future Cisco says that you will be able to interact with the cloud from your brain.

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