DWC implements a multi-vendor network

Dubai World Central and Smartworld have installed the region’s first multi telecom vendor, 10 Gigabit core network in an MPLS service provider model.

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DWC implements a multi-vendor network Luai Bahder from Smartworld says that telecoms are a crucial element of DWC.
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By  Georgina Enzer Published  April 20, 2013

Business based issues
Apprehension by service providers around sharing a freezone was another issue that had to be overcome by DWC and its implementation partner Smartworld.

“The initial apprehension by service providers was ‘Why are you not using what we are using?’, but then you have to go back to our concept of open and equal access. Whether you like it or not, our services and our businesses will have best of breed services irrespective of the operator. Today we have Etisalat and du, hopefully in another couple of years the TRA will approve another four, so we would like to give every business and every resident to choose what he wants. So the challenges were not just technical, the challenges were business-related as well and with stakeholders from the operational side,” said Smartworld’s Najmul Hussain.

“Everything has run perfectly from day one with no issues. We have even hosted our first event which was MEBA 2012 which carried this infrastructure and it was very successful and this year we will host the airshow 2013, so that will hopefully settle any apprehensions anyone has. The provisioning is apt for the amount of people we expect,” said Hussain.

“As the landlord, I would like to stress the fact that this is the best network that we have in the Middle East, worldwide even. It is very important that the market understands the capacity and potential of this network, because from a telecom point of view this is probably the only area that has this kind of network.

“We would like to welcome any one who would like to see this and test the network and see the services we have to offer from a technical point of view.”

Dubai World Central
• Dubai World Central is fast becoming the aviation and logistics hub for Dubai. The DWC freezone covers 140 square kilometres of land and is twice the size of Hong Kong. Dubai World Central is comprised of eight districts: logistics, aviation, Al Maktoum International Airport, humanitarian, residential, commercial, leisure, exhibition and commercial. Currently phase one is under construction and there are currently over 100 tenants from some of the world’s largest aviation, logistics, business and freight forwarding companies including Aramex, RSA, Al Futtaim and National Air Cargo. The Al Maktoum airport is also currently open for cargo and will open later this year for business and passengers.

• Dubai World Central is an aerotropolis concept, with cities around the airport containing businesses relating to the airport.

• DWC is the landlord and developer of the plot of land, which was given to DWC by HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum.

• Most of the plots in the residential city have already been sold, and construction is pending.

Smartworld is the next-generation service provider for telecom services and ICT services for Dubai World Central and is a joint venture between Etisalat, Dubai World Central and Du. The company was established four years ago in order to build telecom infrastructure in DWC and transport telecom services.

“When we began the implementation of this entire infrastructure we realised that telecoms is a very critical element and when we agreed on looking at the infrastructure, we decided as DWC that we will bring in the infrastructure of all telecoms operators, unlike other areas in the city where it is either Etisalat or Du that brings in the infrastructure. We agreed that DWC will have open and equal access to all clients irrespective whether they want Etisalat or Du. As such we engaged in talks with Etisalat and Du, out of which Smartworld was born. It is a joint venture between all three companies and any other telecom company that may start up in the UAE,” says Luai Bahder, technical director of Smartworld.

Business benefits of the implementation

• Multi-telecom vendor network services attract more customers straight away. If a client can bring in the services that he wants, that makes DWC more attractive from a business point of view.

• Since the infrastructure belongs to DWC, it earns revenue from the infrastructure – benefitting the developer.

• Smartworld, which is part-owned by DWC, operates the network, so maintenance costs are reduced.

• The multi-telecom vendor network with multiple services satisfies customers - there is always the option available of moving away from the existing service provider.

• It is an open-equal network in terms of services and license operators – it is a technology neutral platform for the business.

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