EMC showcases BIOS Isilon

Product is a combination of hardware and software designed to manage data

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EMC showcases BIOS Isilon Adam Wolf, sales director at BIOS, says Isilon has no competitors at the high end.
By  Georgina Enzer Published  December 8, 2012

Product is a combination of hardware and software designed to manage data.

EMC showcased its partner BIOS’s Isilon scale-out NAS storage platform, powered by the OneFS operating system at GITEX Technology Week, as well as educating customers on how to get the best out of the product.

“The IOPS you can get out of an Isilon box far exceeds what you can with normal NAS devices. It is basically a combination of hardware that we use and intelligent software called OneFS which manages all the data,” says Adam Wolf, BIOS sales director.

Usually if a company wants to run software against its big data, the software references that data in the files and then it can be analysed with reports or graphical interfaces. However, according to Wolf, there are a couple of challenges with that system.

The main challenge is around the performance.

“If you have software and its main intention is to open a file, read the content, categorise it, compare it with other content and then produce a report, the underlying infrastructure needs to be very high performing otherwise the time to market for producing the report is weeks. Isilon’s platform called OneFS, is a single file system so it means that everything is in one addressable space and they have a very fast storage technology,” says Wolf.

Common platform

Isilon is designed for government, research or media companies which have huge amounts of files and need a common platform to share and run software such as oil and gas, media asset management or enterprise document management.

The typical Isilon customer has something like 50TB of unstructured files and wants to do business intelligence around it.

“ Types of things you can do with Isilon include being able to analyse all of a company’s data. If you take a bank for example you can look at all the distribution of their customers, what products customers have and you can do an analysis which can lead to where you should spend your market dollars,” explains Wolf.

“For example, should there be any credit cards in a certain region, because maybe you have only got 5% penetration of credit cards but 100,000 customers, so you can do that level of analytics. It is using technology to make business more profitable or more informed about how they should spend their budgets which is a unique proposition for it.”

Wolf says that a lot of people sell IT infrastructure on a needs basis, whereas this is about transforming the way you do business by leveraging the benefits of technology.

Plug and play

According to BIOS, Isilon is very well represented in the region, mainly in the media vertical. OSN uses Isilon for its broadcast platform, because it is a high performing scalable platform that is plug and play and can be grown with the company’s needs.

“What you have here in the Middle East is things like a massive market for energy and even new businesses coming into sustainable energy and they all have these types of requirements as they are doing things like mapping of the ocean floor and that is very much the big data.

“Media is a growing market here government as well, things like banking. We are trying to explore new avenues with the technology. Avenues that may not have previously been considered,” states Wolf.

“We are trying to bring it to the wider market and combine it with technologies that allow us to do things like the data analytics, so there is a whole new market that has been created around big data and EMC is at the forefront of it.”

BIOS was working in partnership with EMC at GITEX and was promoting business transformation solutions, around virtualisation platforms and big data requirements.

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