Right-sizing for ERP implementations

Selecting the right ERP solution for SMBs requires consideration of a number of factors writes Nikhil Kothari, manager, Strategy & Marketing, Intertec Systems

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Right-sizing for ERP implementations SMBs have unique requirements for ERP says Kothari.
By  Nikhil Kothari Published  November 14, 2012

Selecting the right ERP solution for a small to medium business requires consideration of a number of important factors writes Nikhil Kothari, manager, Strategy & Marketing, Intertec Systems.

The Middle East market is well developed in terms of the awareness of Enterprise Resource Planning. Despite the presence of a few giants, there is a lot of potential for mid-tier ERP applications. The needs of a small or mid-sized business are highly customized with limited initial budgets; however they need to ensure that you will partner in terms of scalability with their growth.

Most of us know that ERP integrates various aspects of business processes to ensure efficient functioning of an organization. But for some ERP is touted as a saviour for business and for some it is a nightmare. It all depends on the experience that the customer has gone through in the process of selecting and implementing an ERP.

Implementing an ERP package is a fairly complex and costly undertaking, so it’s essential that vendor selection is done right. The popularity and size of ERP vendor does not necessarily speak for its service. A vendor must have a proven track record of delivering to its promises and credibility in the market. It is also important to choose a vendor who will listen to and implement customer suggestions, and who is flexible to customer needs.

The key questions that the customer needs to ask themselves are:

• What is our expectation from the ERP system?
• What is our investment potential and expected return on investment?
• What is the expected time frame for implementation? In most cases, implementation time and cost override initial projections.
• Does the vendor have a track record in delivering to their Promises? Many organisations do not achieve their initial investment objectives because of wrong expectations set from the vendor’s side.
• What is vendor’s post-sales support capability in the region?

As Intertec system, we offer Syros ERP a comprehensive ERP solution that has been developed specifically to meet the requirements of small to medium businesses. Syros is built on an Oracle, and today has over 120 customers in the GCC region.

An important part of our approach, and something that small to medium businesses should look for in any enterprise application, is attention to different niche sectors, and the flexiblity to customize modules as per the requirements of the vertical/ geography or peculiar customer business needs. Any ERP implementation should be able to fit to the business requirements.

Buying decisions for applications should also consider the ease of use, user interface and user friendliness. Our user experiences mimics the Outlook email layout which ensures that the user feels familiar right from the first step, which can be vital in getting user buy-in and driving adoption. A familiar interface also helps to reduce the amount of time and resources that needs to be dedicated to user training.

Another important area of the implementation is adhering to a proper PMI project delivery methodology, to ensure timely roll out of the project in an organised fashion.

A final factor that may also be more important to small to medium businesses is being able to access a one-point solution provider for all technology solutions. By working with a single systems integrator or vendor, customers gain single company accountability, which can be an advantage for smaller organisations instead of managing multiple vendor and supplier relationships.

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