After hours: Henry Martinez, Vision Solutions

Arabian Computer News delves below the corporate strategy to understand what really makes the region’s IT leaders tick.

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After hours: Henry Martinez, Vision Solutions Henry Martinez Vice President of Sales Engineering at Vision Solutions
By Staff Writer Published  July 22, 2012

Arabian Computer News delves below the corporate strategy to understand what really makes the region’s IT leaders tick.

How long have you been working in the industry?

I began working with countries in this region about 20 years ago, first developing local manufacturing resources and later developing partnerships for the delivery of IT infrastructure technologies – both in hardware and software.

What is the best and worst thing about the networking industry in the UAE?
The best thing is the people: bright, motivated, fearless. The worst thing: challenges due to velocity and asymmetry of infrastructural growth in the region. There are also sometimes very difficult environmental conditions for remote hardware.

Walk us through your typical day

I contact and meet with business partners and large enterprises to review their high availability and disaster recovery needs, then architect solutions to meet their business and budgetary needs. We then make presentations and/or train supply-chain stakeholders to manage or assist in implementation. In parallel, I am continually grooming our own team to keep them up-to-date with industry trends/skills and practices.

Proudest achievements in your career so far?

Making the world a better place through a string of successful engineering projects. Beginning in aerospace, through consumer electronics and into IT infrastructure hardware and software products. Vision Solutions’ software makes the world’s businesses more resilient and thus able to serve their customers, employees and families even better.

Which product or innovation should the IT industry watch out for this year?

Economics for cloud-based computational and storage resources coupled with virtualisation will enable a new category of businesses that will lower the hurdle for IT start-ups and lower required mezzanine investments for those moving out of the VC incubator to a full-fledged member of industry. This means more room for innovation and business creation with lower investment risk and a reduction of regional advantages due to access to capital. This can really expand the power of innovation to all parts of the world in a new way.

Comparing the IT industry in the region to other countries, do you think it measures up or is lacking and why?

A few years back, I would have said it relied too heavily on large multi-national organisations that were not native – meaning the technological culture might not be sustainable or take root. Today, I am pleased to see the UAE has made excellent investment in education wherein the up-and-coming, freshly educated UAE citizens are carrying much more of the strategic, rather than just tactical, initiatives.

Which IT company do you admire and why?

Amazon. Remember, they started as an IT company and have become a global supermarket able to deliver an amazing selection of things, virtually anywhere, standing on the shoulders of many aggregated businesses and logistics companies. They courageously took a difficult trail knowingly, with an attitude of, “if Amazon can’t do it, then it can’t be done.”

Who do you look up to in your career and why?

Andy Grove – for the microprocessor.  They harnessed lightning and used it to teach sand how to think.

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