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Channel Middle East chats to Mohammed Al Mandil, CEO and founder of Synoptic Information on how the SI is strengthening its services offerings in the Saudi IT market.

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Services strength
By  Manda Banda Published  June 20, 2012

Channel Middle East chats to Mohammed Al Mandil, CEO and founder of Synoptic Information on how the SI is strengthening its services offerings in the Saudi IT market.

CME: Briefly outline Synoptic’s system integration focus and coverage model in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East region.

MA: As an SI, Synoptic caters to clients across the industry spectrum within Saudi Arabia. Synoptic is engaged with companies in the public, enterprise and SME segment of the IT market. Synoptic provides IT infrastructure, networking, business, telecom, security solutions and services.

CME: As a specialist SI focusing on a range of IT solutions, how do you see the IT market in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Middle East?

MA: The IT market in Saudi Arabia is booming with the government clearly increasing the spending year-on-year. Saudi Arabia is the largest IT market in the Gulf and this drive resonates all across the Middle East region. The Kingdom’s spending in the IT sector amounted to SR27bn ($7.2bn) in 2010 and is expected to hit SR46.3bn ($12bn) by 2015. We also acknowledge that governments in other Middle East countries are spending and contributing to the growing IT requirements.

CME: What is your perception of the state of managed services and the cloud computing model in the region at present?

MA: With firms focusing on their core business activities, managed services will grow rapidly and form a major source of revenue generation for IT companies in the region. Globally the cloud services are on the rise and the Gulf market will follow suit soon.

CME: Is this an area that your company is focusing on?

MA: Yes definitely. It will boil down to sheer business dynamics and if IT operational costs are cut down, there is no better way to increase a company’s profit margins.

CME: What type of IT services are you offering your clients in Saudi?

MA: We provide IT services in Infrastructure and Networking solutions, business applications support, security solutions and telecom solutions.

CME: What sort of vendor expertise and competencies does Synoptic have within its systems integration business?

MA: Synoptic caters and partners with all major vendors in the market. Due to our varied focus we have in-house competencies and skill sets on the vendor domains as required and essential to provide support to our end-user customers.

CME: Do you feel that you are you getting enough support from your vendors and distribution partners?

MA: Yes with some but not with others. We would like to have clear support pattern with vendors wherein the working partner relationship is efficiently demonstrated to the end user thereby providing the required comfort. A harmonious balance is essential to create that winning combination.

CME: Which skills are lacking at the moment and how do you plan on bringing those skills on board within your company?

MA: We do not lack any core skill set as we always have a clear backup plan to ensure that the required skills sets are readily available. As a services company we do not have the liberty to fall short on this function.

CME: Is it easy for Synoptic to retain certified skilled professionals in Saudi Arabia?

MA: Yes it is for us because people are the most valuable asset that Synoptic holds as a business organisation.

CME: What are your core competencies in terms of the solutions you offer to the various vertical markets that you target?

MA: Our core competencies are: enterprise security solutions (ICT and physical security); advanced IT infrastructure services; GIS solutions (Geographical Information Systems); telecommunications; low current, security systems, and power systems technology; consultancy (planning, designing, supervision, validations, quality assurance) and customised software development.

CME: What can your customers expect from Synoptic in 2012?

MA: Synoptic has led in introducing innovative solutions to the Saudi Arabia market as this is key to our standing and reputation. We are expanding to increase our reach and, create more visibility. We are also creating new working models for all our customers to ease interaction. We are currently working on a portal that will be a medium of seamless association for business and support.

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