Terminator-style contact lenses in development

Lenses can project images in front of wearer’s eyes

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Terminator-style contact lenses in development Scientists in the UAE are developing a contact lens that is capable of displaying digital images onto a user's eyeball.
By  Georgina Enzer Published  November 22, 2011

A new contact lens technology that can project images in front of the wearers eyes is a step closer to completion after successful animal trials, according to scientists at Washington University.

This Terminator-like technology could allow wearers to read floating texts and emails or augment their sight with computer-generated images, according to the BBC.

Early tests show the contact lenses are both safe and feasible, but there are still issues that need to be resolved, such as finding a power source for the lenses.

The current prototype can only work if they are within centimeters of a wireless battery, and its microcircuitry is only enough for one light-emitting diode, according to the Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering.

Scientists working on the device are looking at embedding hundreds more pixels in the flexible lens to produce complex holographic images which could be used to project for example speed and journey directions for a driver and take video gaming to the next level.

The lenses could also be capable of providing instant medical information, such as blood sugar levels for diabetic patients.

Lead researcher Professor Babak Praviz said that his team had already overcome a major hurdle, which was getting the human eye to focus on an image generated on its surface.

Usually the human eye can only focus on objects if they are several centimeters away fro the eye.

The scientists, working with Aalto University in Finland, managed to adapt the lens to shorten the focal distance.

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