Linksys X2000 Wireless-N ADSL2+ modem router

Linksys' X2000 offers sleek looks, firewall, ADSL2+ model and WiFi capabilities. Is it the right fit for your home?

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Linksys X2000 Wireless-N ADSL2+ modem router The Linksys X2000 sports very clean lines and has only one button atop its top fascade
By  Jason Saundalkar Published  October 30, 2011

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Key Specs

Broadband modem: Y
Connectivity: Ethernet, WiFi
Firewall: Y
Price: $122
Speed: 10/100Mbps

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The Linksys X2000 is intended to be a one-stop solution for those that require an ADSL modem and a router with wired and wireless capabilities and a firewall.

Since the X2000 features a modem, as well as router capabilities, it is priced reasonably well and out of the box, it certainly looks its asking price.

The router sports a matte finish and has only one button that's visible on its top façade. The main power button, as with most networking devices on the market, is located at the rear of the device.

As expected setting up the Linksys was a piece of cake; we were able to get our Internet connection setup and create a wireless network with password protection in under 10 minutes. The router's intuitive and cleanly laid out interface definitely made a difference here.

In terms of range the X2000 impressed us with its capabilities, as our test notebooks were constantly able to stay in connection with the router with at least four bar signal strength anywhere in our two-bedroom test apartment. Our previous MIMO router in comparison struggled to push its WiFi signal to every part of the apartment, which meant we had more than a few dead spots.

The attractive X2000 was no slouch in terms of transfer performance either; we were able to transfer a large 1.2GB file from one machine to the other in under 50 seconds.

Verdict: The X2000 is an attractively priced all-in-one for users looking to network their homes.

2182 days ago
Dave Shurtz
User rating: 2 stars

Pros: Looks nice

Cons: Doesn't work

Very unimpressed

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