Kaspersky: Open Windows Phone would kill Android

Eugene Kaspersky says open source Windows Phone 7 only way to squeeze out Google’s Android

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Kaspersky: Open Windows Phone would kill Android Android "is the champion" says Kaspersky
By  Daniel Shane Published  September 21, 2011

Information security guru Eugene Kaspersky has claimed that the only way Android's dominance in the smartphone business could end is if Microsoft were to open source its Windows Phone platform.

In an interview with Network Middle East magazine, the founder and CEO of Kaspersky Lab also discounted Apple's potential to challenge Google Android's position as market leader, describing the iPhone maker as "very conservative".

Kaspersky praised Android's open approach, which gives free licenses to third-party handset makers and allows developers to download its source code, but raised concerns over its security.

"Android has a lot of mistakes. I won't name the [Android] prototype, but still there are too many mistakes in the code - it's still not 100% ready," he told Network Middle East. He suggested that if Microsoft were to release its own open platform, it could leverage its influence to draw more third party application developers, and subsequently marginalise Android.

"If Microsoft changed their mind and opened their Windows Phone operating system, and used their power to force engineers to develop more software for Windows Phone, there would be no space for Android," Kaspersky reckoned.

According to 2Q11 figures published by IT research firm Gartner, devices based on Android occupy a 44% market share. Apple's iPhone holds 18% of the smartphone market, while Microsoft Windows-based devices have just 2%.

Windows Phone 7, like Android, is licensed to third party manufacturers, such as Samsung and HTC. Microsoft also signed a deal earlier this year that would see its platform used on Nokia smartphones.

Android, unlike Windows Phone, has been a large target for malware writers. Research published by anti-virus vendor McAfee last month showed that the volume of malware written for Android jumped 76% year-on-year in 2Q11.

Kaspersky compared Android to the Windows operating system as it was in the mid-1990s. "Android is like Microsoft Windows 15 years back. In the past, Windows was a really open operating system. It was open and had the support from that vendor, compared to Apple, which is very conservative with disclosing its operating system - [Apple's] not so friendly to software engineers."

Kaspersky forecast that unless Microsoft changed its present strategy, it would not reach the level of popularity Android enjoys."If Microsoft invested enough into a bugs free operating system design and used the power of the whole corporation to promote it - that would be very bad news for Android. But until then, Android is the champion."

2671 days ago
Craig P

Being a WP7 owner, the phone is great, but is not without issues. Hopefully these will be addressed with the release of Mango update.

What MS would be far better to look at is ALLOWING MARKETPLACE WITHIN UAE AND OTHER COUNTRIES. Selling the phone here without being able to actually purchase anything is nothing short of scandalous.

2675 days ago

Nope, totally wrong. The reason why people are considering switching to WP7 from Android is because of the open sourced fragmentation causing problems with inconsistent updates, hardware problems, etc. If Windows goes this route, it would ruin its reputation. I agree the control to the platform should be a bit slightly more relaxed for developers. However, opening up the codes to the general public would also cause a tremendous security issue, which to a majority of the businesses, security should still be the top priority.

2675 days ago

Many people buy Android phone as their 2nd mobile phone. The OS is full of bugs and very laggy. You need to be not 100% sure most of times but 200% sure when you download an Android application because it could cause your phone to crash and if your are lucky and have backup then restore...However Apple iPhone4 is very reliable, does not crash, you can really rely on the phone, and has quality games and business application. So there are little to compare between Apple IOS and Android OS. For the time being I and many others use Android Phone as our 2nd phone not the primarily.

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