The GOODRAM SSD Pro256GB costs $2.39 per Gigabyte, making it one of the most cost-effective offerings in this grouptest

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GOODRAM SSD Pro 256GB This is GOODRAM's higher capacity SSD offering
By  Jason Saundalkar Published  September 19, 2011

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Key Specs

Capacity: 256GB
Data transfer rate: 215.54MB/sec seq read, 181.12MB/sec seq write
Form factor: 2.5-inch
Interface: Serial ATA
Price: $612

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When it comes to storage devices a high retail price doesn't always translate into an expensive drive and GOODRAM's SSD Pro 256GB drive proved this in spades. Priced at US $612 GOODRAM's 256GB SSD Pro drive carries the highest sticker price in this test but, doing a little bit of basic math reveals that the drive is actually quite a value star.

Each of the SSD Pro's individual gigabytes costs a mere $2.39 (calculated by dividing price over capacity), which means that you're actually getting quite a few gigabytes for your cash.

The only drives that offered a slightly lower cost per gigabyte were the two Intel 510 series drives at $2.37 per gigabyte for the 120GB model and $2.34 for the 250GB model.

Like its 128GB cousin the SSD Pro 256GB drive is a little dated compared to the other SSDs on offer; whereas every other drive here is Serial ATA III 6Gbps compliant, the two SSD Pro drives are only Serial ATA II 3Gbps compliant. That said the extra bandwidth is only going to come into play if you use multiple SSD drives in a RAID array and have serious throughput needs.

In terms of performance the SSD Pro 256GB drive performed like its counterpart did, which means it's great for dealing with large chunks of data but not as quick, when dealing with small random read and write operations, such as when you're playing games for example.

Verdict: With its strong linear performance and aggressive pricing, there's no better drive on test here for content creators.

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