Apple bringing MagSafe chargers to iOS devices

The MagSafe charger has saved a lot of Macbooks from physical harm, Apple hopes it will do the same for its iPhones and iPads

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Apple bringing MagSafe chargers to iOS devices Apple is bringing its MagSafe adapters to iPads and iPhones soon
By  Clayton Vallabhan Published  August 18, 2011

Apple has applied for a patent that will see MagSafe power cables, identical to the one used for the company's Macbook line, come to the iPhone and iPad.

The MagSafe charger has saved many Macbooks from sudden death. The mechanics are simple; the charging head of the cable is magnetically attached to the charging port on a Macbook. If someone trips over the charger, the MagSafe adapter disengages the charging head from the port, as the sudden tug is enough to allow the power head to come out but not enough to drag the Macbook along with it.

Apple has now trademarked the technology with the US Patent Office in order to transfer MagSafe and give iPhone and iPad users some peace of mind. The website says regarding a proposed charger for the iPad, "In one particular embodiment the connector may be a power connector like the MagSafe".

2742 days ago

Fredders is absolutely right, all these adapters are a night mare and extra burden especially for the travelers. But this is why I would be happy if MacBook, iPhone and iPad would have the same connection - at least it would a large step forward. (Sure I know I can charge both via the MacBook, but I am looking for the easy way).

2745 days ago

Well, magsafe for iphone...I suppose the magnets used today will be too strong for that kinda "lightweight" device". The connector will not let go. And for charging i would prefer induction, no cables. or a standard, once and for all (mini USB), for all handheld devices,yes my toothbrush too, all those adapters are killing me :)

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