Asus GTX580 P/2DIS/1536MD5

The Matrix may look similar to its GTX 570 counterpart, however this card is madder, has a fan control button and a safe mode button

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Asus GTX580 P/2DIS/1536MD5 The Asus Matrix costs $750 and is the fastest and baddest card around
By  Jason Saundalkar Published  August 18, 2011

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Key Specs

API supported: DirectX 11
Connections: 2x DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort
GPU: nVidia GeForce GTX 580
GPU frequency: 816MHz
Interface type: PCI-E

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Asus makes three different graphics cards powered by Nvidia's GeForce GTX 580 GPU and the Matrix GTX580 P/2DIS/1536MD5 on test here is the biggest and maddest of the lot.

Like its less expensive cousin GTX 570 cousin, the Matrix is a massive card, meaning you'll have to sacrifice three rear expansion slots. You'll also have to make sure that you can physically fit the card into your case, as it's the largest graphics card here.

While the Matrix looks similar to its GTX 570 counterpart, studying the card closer will reveal some seriously cool overclocking tools. The card has dedicated overclocking controls on the edge of its PCB, close to the two PCI-E power ports. There's also a fan control button that, when pressed, instantly spools the two cooling fans to maximum speed. This is useful for when you're pushing seriously high GPU and memory frequencies.

There are even dedicated measurement points that let you see exactly how much voltage your card's various bits are drawing. Last but not least, Asus has also included a ‘Safe mode' button on the rear of the card, so you can instantly reset the card to its standard frequency. A useful inclusion.

Running the Matrix through our test gauntlet, it slaughtered every other card in this round up - it was simply the fastest graphics card in all of our gaming benchmarks.

Verdict:While the Matrix carries a stratospheric price tag, it is one of the maddest and most potent graphics cards we’ve ever tested.

2820 days ago
User rating: 4 stars

Pros: Great Card Comes With Dirct Cu2 Cooling System Wich Gives U 600% Better Airflow With Dual Bios Support Reaches 1150 Mhz Easily When U OverClock It Its Better Than The Zotac 580 And the Gigabyte 580

Cons: Little Big Sized For micro Atx Cases / And A Lil bit OverPriced

but For Me I Would Go With The 3Gb Edition Of It As Its More Feauture Proof Because U Know New Dx11 Games Like Crysis 2 And mw3 Eats A Lot Of Vram :D Hope U Like My Opinion

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