Goodram Fresh 4GB

Goodram's Fresh flash drive is available in four different fragrances, oranges, lime, mint and strawberry

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Goodram Fresh 4GB Goodram's Fresh 4GB flash drive smells like an orange. It's the best smelling USB drive we've ever tested
By  Jason Saundalkar Published  August 17, 2011

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Key Specs

Capacity: 4GB
Price: $10
Security partition: N
Software: N
Type: USB2.0

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Over the years we've come across hundreds of USB sticks; we've seen sticks that can withstand being run over by a car, models that pack hardware encryption and more. So when Goodram approached us to review its 4GB Fresh USB stick, we weren't too excited. That is until we checked out the drive on the company's website.

Each USB stick from Goodram's Fresh line carries a different scent and that makes the drives quite unique. While our drive was designed to smell of oranges, you can also get Fresh sticks that smell of lime, mint or strawberry. This ‘feature' makes absolutely no difference to performance and reliability but is a rather cool idea.

Our Fresh stick has been out of the box for over a month and still smells as fresh (pun-intended) as when we originally got it out of its packaging. While we are sure the Fresh will eventually lose its orange-scent, given its price tag and the fact that it will still be able to do all its USB duties, we weren't too concerned.

Our Fresh offers 4GB of storage but you can get drives with up to 16GB of capacity. On the performance front this USB stick offers average performance; it took one minute and three seconds and three minutes and 43 seconds to complete our 1.2GB read and write test.

Verdict:While merely an average performer the Fresh is a novel take on otherwise dull USB storage.

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