Samsung LED Series 7000 Smart TV

Samsung's LED Series 7000 Smart TV offers great playback and is quite a capable Internet TV as well

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Samsung LED Series 7000 Smart TV The Samsung LED Series 7000 costs $3,542 and offers 55-inches of screen real estate
By  Jason Saundalkar Published  August 17, 2011

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Key Specs

Connections: Component, HDMI, Ethernet, WiF, USB
HD support: Full HD
Price: $3,542
Refresh rate: 120Hz
Screen size: 55-inch

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The 55-inch LED Series 7000 Smart TV (UA55D7000LR) is one of Samsung's latest creations and the Korean-company says that it is ‘all about a transformative, immersive experience delivered with style and intelligence'. Those are bold words but we're happy to report that this is one of Samsung's best efforts.

Getting the gigantic TV out of the box is an ache-free affair because the screen weighs only 16.3kg. When you consider the size of this TV, this is an impressive achievement given that TVs of this size can still weigh in excess of 25kg. Even when you attach the base, you only add an additional 2.5kg.

Studying the TV further we were bowled over by just how thin it is. With a scarcely believable depth of just 29.7mm, it is the slimmest TV we've ever tested. To put it in perspective two BlackBerry Curve 9300 smartphones placed back to back have more depth than this screen. The Samsung also boasts attractive aesthetics though it doesn't feel as premium as some of the other TVs we've tested.

As you can tell from its rather telling name, this TV isn't just a simple playback device. With built-in WiFi and Ethernet connectivity, as well as USB ports and a robust interface, you can view content without needing to hook up a separate source device.
Our test sample had built-in apps for viewing photos, browsing the web and streaming videos from services such as YouTube. The web browser is fairly competent at rendering most pages though we noticed that complex web pages made interacting with the TV using the control as a mouse pointer quite difficult. The same happened when we watched HD video using YouTube - the mouse pointer jumped around the screen and was quite frustrating to use. Keying in web addresses can also be frustrating at times as the predictive capabilities of the interface are far from comparable to what we have on smartphones today.

As a display we have nothing but praise for the Samsung. We watched several Blu-ray movies, 1080p YouTube videos, played games and each and every experience was superb. Contrast is top-notch so you can see those lovely HD details regardless of how bright or dark a scene is. Colours are rich and uniform and as a result our Blu-ray copy of Avatar looked sublime. The screen doesn't struggle when the action speeds up either - throwing shooters and racers at it, we never noticed blurring or tearing.

The Smart TV also boasts 3D support though you need to use active shutter glasses to experience the effects. The good news is that the TV can generate real depth but the bad news is that you only get one set of shutter glasses and, when using the TV to convert existing 2D content into 3D, the end results aren't that impressive.

Pros: Brilliant visuals, extremely slim design, lightweight, decent looks, loads of connectivity, versatile smart functions, can generate decent 3D effects.
Cons: Border of the screen doesn’t look or feel premium.
Verdict:While the UA55D7000LR isn’t perfect, its flaws are far from being deal breakers. It’s a great screen that can generate super-sized visuals.

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