Anonymous creating more sophisticated DoS tools

New hacking tools being developed to attack websites

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Anonymous creating more sophisticated DoS tools Anonymous is developing a more sophisticated tool for attacking websites.
By  Mark Sutton Published  August 7, 2011

Hacker collective Anonymous is developing, new, more potent tools to attack websites, it has revealed on a blog.

The group is developing a more sophisticated tool for use in its denial of service attacks to take down websites, according to a post on the AnonOps Communications blog.

The new tool, currently called RefRef, is intended as an alternative to the LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon) DDoS utility that is currently promoted by Anonymous as an attack tool.

While the LOIC attempts to flood a site with TCP or UDP packers, essentially overwhelming the site with junk traffic, the RefRef tool will use an attack that will use the hosting server's own processing power through a resource exhaustion method.

The RefRef tool uses a known, but not widely patched, SQL vulnerability to install a .js file on the server, which then overwhelms the server with requests.

In a test against the Pastebin, a 17 second attack took down the site for 42 minutes.

The tool, which is due for release in September, is not expected to be effective for repeated use against targets because the SQL vulnerability can be patched, but the creators also don't expect many organizations to make the effort to patch it if they haven't been attacked already.

The LOIC, originally developed as a network stress testing application, has been effective in enabling DDOS attacks that overwhelm sites with junk packets and can be launched from a web browser. However, the tool does not attempt to conceal the attacker's IP address, so if the user is sending packets from their home computer without using a proxy or similar tool to anonymise the packets, each one will contain the users own IP address. This has led to several Anonymous members being traced by law enforcement and arrested in recent months.

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