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Motorola's Xoom is a polished Honeycomb-powered product that delivers an extremely fluid tablet experience

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Motorola XOOM The Motorola Xoom retails for $735 and is the best performing Honeycomb tablet we've tested yet (ITP Images)
By  Jason Saundalkar Published  July 12, 2011

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Key Specs

Display screen: 10.1-inch
Internal storage: 32GB
Memory: 1GB
Networking: 802.11b/g/n
OS: Android 3.0

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The Xoom is Motorola's first tablet and when it was launched, it was the first Android 3.0 Honeycomb-powered tablet to hit the market.

In hand the Xoom feels like a typical Motorola product - solid as a rock. The tablet feels like it could last forever and when we set it on our weighing scale, it tipped the scales at 708g, making it the third heaviest device in our July 2011 grouptest.

Using the Motorola day-to-day it quickly became obvious that it was the king of the performance hill when compared to other Android tablets. It felt the most fluid tablet of the lot whether we were moving from home screen to home screen, loading apps or even when we were flicking through photos.

When we conducted our time benchmarks, the Xoom left the other devices trailing. The Motorola loaded and in 11- and six-seconds respectively, which were the fastest times we saw in our grouptest.

The Xoom isn't perfect however. When we cranked up the speakers to full volume, the rear cover of the tablet began to vibrate and caused noticeable sound distortion when we were watching certain movies and videos.

The position of the Motorola's power button is also far from ideal - it took us a good 30 seconds to locate it when we first got the Xoom out of the box. Priced at US $735 the Xoom is also quite an expensive proposition.

Verdict:The Xoom is a fast and capable Android tablet but a few annoying issues and a high price tag stifle its appeal.

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